Buckingham Riding Club
Buckingham Riding Club


July 2020

We have experienced the most extraordinary four months and I hope you and your families have come through this relatively unscathed.


We are beginning to enter the ‘new normal’.  Restrictions may well be with us for a long time, but we can resume some of our activities.


Earlier this week Tania’s dates were circulated.  Laura Tylor is organising Ian Wills rallies at Chesterton on the 17th and 31st July.  This week the restriction on use of indoor schools was lifted (I suspect those in high places had never seen an indoor school!), so Sarah’s rallies can re-commence.


We have had a fun ride, kindly hosted by Jan Funnell, which was enjoyed by all concerned.  If anyone wants to go on another, please contact Jan or me.

During lockdown British Riding Clubs came up with a virtual dressage competition.  Everyone videoed then submitted their tests.  It was incredibly popular, with sections of over 100 and 140 plus teams.  Buckingham did extremely well.  The intro / prelim team of Jane Murphy, Belinda Naylor and Emma Bingham all had score in the very high 60s and came 11th, missing out on a placing by 0.04%!

The novice / elem team of Anne and Elisha O’Brien and Sarah Higgs came 2nd.  Elisha was placed individually and Anne won!  More information, plus Ann and Elisha’s tests, can be found on Facebook under BRC NAF Five Star Virtual Dressage.  Well done all of you and particular thanks to Jane for team managing.


At the time of writing, I believe the Dressage to Music qualifier will be at Solihull on the 2nd Aug.  The intermediate dressage qualifier may take place at Aston on 5th or 6th September.  If this doesn’t happen, there will be a ballot for the qualifying places.  To keep up to date on these, and more, see British Riding Clubs Area 5 Facebook page.


Finally I’d like to thank everyone - members, committee, trainers and venue owners for your patience and tolerance.  The committee has been working in the background throughout, though we didn’t quite get to have a zoom meeting - perhaps we didn’t have the requisite background bookcases!  To show our appreciation for our members’ loyalty we will offer those who are currently members a 50% discount on next year’s subscription.


I very much look forward to seeing you all out and about soon.




Sue Eeley

The Kennels

Northbrook Farm






February 2020

Welcome to 2020.  So far this winter has been one of the wettest and warmest on record.  I hope you are all coping with the conditions and your are horses not succumbing to mudfever, and you haven’t yet grown webbed feet.  As I write the first qualifying competition of the year has been postponed, due to a named storm.  Perhaps naming them is a bad idea - they may feel welcome with such a friendly approach!  With the water table so high it doesn’t take much rain to return everything to a quagmire.  Hopefully course builders etc will be able to get on the ground to prepare the first events.  We’ll see.

The competitive season has already started, with team SJ at Moreton Morrell.  Lorraine, our membership secretary, was our only representative and came 5th on her lovely young horse, jumping a double clear.

I’d like to welcome all new members.  I hope everything is clear, but it’s very easy to think something is simple when you know how it works!  If in any doubt, please get in touch with with of us - our contact details are on the website.  Regarding teams - if you’d like to be considered, please make yourself known to the team managers. We also try to ‘spot’ potential at rallies, but may have inadvertently missed you!

One of the most efficient methods of communication is via Facebook.  Both the club and Area 5 have FB pages, and I can thoroughly recommend them (British Riding Clubs Area 5).  I realise some people do not wish to have a digital foot print and can sympathise with that.  All I can suggest is to do as a friend of mine, who is a vicar, does - uses a horse’s name rather than her surname - it maintains her privacy while keeping her informed. A digital hoof print, perhaps? 

Area 5 not only runs the qualifying competitions, but also a points based series, culminating in an award evening at the end of the year.  As a small club we are at a disadvantage from a team point of view - for example, us winning can be overtaken by another club having several teams competing, but our individual results are very good.  Congratulations to Laura Tylor (dressage) and Georgie Packer Arthy (SJ) who were both placed.  In a very large and particularly competitive area these results are outstanding!

 If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the way the club is run, please let us know.  In the meantime, I look forward to seeing you all out and about.

I have copied an article from Sharon Hunt below.  I think it applies to our rallies.  I know I have found great support and comradeship, as well of course as exceptional training, from them.


“Thought for the New Year!

In the last 18 months I’ve started having joint jumping lessons again . 

I had been sceptical about these , as generally I’d always had individual sessions for the last 10 years or so. Or perhaps jumping as individuals within a group session .

I’ve noticed the following though and thought this may resonate with other riders and for those who are still not convinced... 

- Initially as a professional rider I felt it important my horses showcased my training and didn’t make mistakes, however over time I’ve realised that I am there to learn as much as the other group members. With this realisation I gain massive value from making mistakes and learning how not to! 

- Everyone is probably feeling the above thoughts too, which is crazy ! Nobody is there to judge , we all want to learn ! 

- It has definitely helped me become more open as a rider and coach. We can all work together and help eachother by creating a friendly and supportive atmosphere towards each other. The group members I train with for John Ledingham lessons for eg , have been consistent over the last year . We have all developed together and started to develop more of a ‘community’ within us , so a great way to spend time together is learning . 

- you only get out as much as you put into the group. If you don’t engage with others then the group may not be as welcoming ...

- We are not there to compete against each other , BUT I strongly believe it helps at competitions, as you become more confident riding in front of others, by being able to improve focus and zone them out.

- Your group members will support and help you at shows! Friends for life!

- A good group can help lift your spirits at when necessary! 

- It really highlights when you are the only one who hasn’t practiced your homework, which definitely makes for more disciplined home practice! 

- most importantly for me , riding can be quite an isolating sport , particularly in the winter months . Great to train with other like minded people.

- If you are lacking motivation, much harder to duck out If means letting other team mates down. 

- It’s more cost effective! 

- We learn by watching . If you are lucky enough to be in a group with a great rider or horse, don’t let it intimidate you, learn from them! 

- You can have great banter! 


I have probably missed some positive points - I’d be really interested to hear other benefits please!

Sharon Hunt”





NEWSLETTER - November 2019


We are coming to the end of another riding club year.  Yet again we have punched well above our weight in the area competitions, with many area and national placings.  We have also had our usual programme of rallies and clinics.  We are extremely lucky to have top class trainers and coaches and can cater for all - from young horses and novice riders to top end RC (and affiliated) competitors.
Regarding competitions there are certain changes for next year.  The BHS link below gives more detail, but two of the main rule changes concern show jumping whips and Equine Influenza cover. http://www.bhs.org.uk/~/media/bhs/brc/meg/advisory/notes-from-brc-advisory-committeeheld-on-15--16-october-2019-2.ashx?la=en
British Riding Clubs will follow BS in only allowing cushioned whips for SJ.  More information is in this link - https://www.britishshowjumping.co.uk/_files/whip%20&%20Spurs%20Ruling%20and%20 Visual%20Guide,%20Jan%202020.pdf Please note, however, that these do not need to be a specific make.  There are several good value cushioned whips available, so it does not need to be an expensive change.
On the ‘flu front, British RC will be following BEF advice and going for vaccination within 6 calendar months (plus a period of grace of 21 days) before the date of competition.  The no vaccination within the 7 previous days still stands.  Although in the Rulebook from January 1st, this does not come in effect until March 1st. This does NOT mean horses must be vaccinated every 6 months (although of course that is your decision and your vet may recommend it).  It will, though, need careful timing to be covered for the entire RC season if you wish to compete at every competition, particularly taking the clear 7 days into account. More detailed information below, as well as our Area Calendar.
A new venture for us this year is a Table Top Tack Sale at Chipping Warden Village Hall on Sun 17th Nov.  Emma Funnell is kindly organising this, so please contact her (ecfunnell@hotmail.com) for more info or to book a table.  We will be serving light refreshments and it should be a fun day, as well as an opportunity to sell unwanted items and gain wanted ones!
Our AGM is on Nov 21st at Cropredy Village Hall.  This is your opportunity to tell us what you would like from your club.  The business part will include awarding trophies to those who have excelled this year for the club. After some light refreshments, we then hope to have some personal tales of this year’s Badminton - from the Mitsubishi Motors Cup, the Young Event Horse class and training competitors in the 5* event. I hope to see as many of you as possible there.
Sue Eeley


We're aware of questions that have been raised by some members over the incoming rule which mandates six monthly boosters against Equine Influenza (EI) (see rule changes below) and would like to provide further information about the rationale behind this decision.

For much of 2019, the UK has been affected by outbreaks of EI with the number of cases peaking in July. As a department of the BHS, which is a member body of the BEF, BRC has the welfare of equines competing under our rules at the forefront of our minds at all times– and it's our responsibility, along with every horse owner, to help negate the spread of this virus.

Throughout the year, we've been listening to advice and evidence from our veterinary and industry colleagues on the BEF High Health Steering Group, the Equine Infectious Disease Advisory Group and the Animal Health Trust (AHT). Unlike some other organisations, we took the decision not to make a mid-season rule change during the initial outbreak, instead strongly recommending that a six month booster be given, while continually monitoring the situation.

As a result of the outbreak this year, a number of competition venues have taken the decision to mandate six monthly boosters. This has led to some confusion among members as to the different vaccination requirements from venue to venue, which has necessitated additional checks before competing. Indeed some areas have had to run qualifiers stipulating a six monthly booster is mandatory in order to satisfy their venue owners.

We want to be as consistent as possible across all our qualifiers and championships, with a clear policy that all members can follow. It should also be noted that we are now in line with British Dressage, British Eventing and the FEI. However, we appreciate that this is a significant move, so we wanted to ensure that we considered the advice provided by veterinary experts before amending our competition rules. All of the evidence points to the efficacy of vaccinations reducing after six months, hence this decision taken by the BRC Advisory Committee.

In the most recent DEFRA AHT BEVA Equine Quarterly Disease Surveillance Report it was concluded:

That horse owners, especially those attending gatherings and events attended by other horses, undertake routine influenza vaccination and ideally adopt 6 monthly booster vaccination as this is currently considered 'gold standard' for controlling this infection.

Dr Jane Nixon MA VETMB BSC MRCVS, Chair of the BEF High Health Steering Group said "We're in the middle of an equine flu epidemic, with over 220 reported outbreaks alone so far in 2019 – an outbreak case includes a number of horses so there are thousands affected; marking a staggering increase on last year, when only two outbreaks were confirmed in the UK.

"We all need to help control the spread of the virus and vaccination unequivocally does just that. There have been several peer-reviewed scientific papers which support vaccination, including six monthly boosters, which should not leave any responsible horse owner in doubt that this is the right way forward."

The BRC qualifiers and championships are very large events. We regularly see in excess of 500 horses gathering together from the length and breadth of the UK. It is our responsibility to protect these events for our members, their horses and indeed the future of our sport.

We have noted that some members have commented that their horses have had an adverse reaction to a recent vaccination, and BRC would like to encourage any instances to be reported on the UK Government report portal here: https://www.gov.uk/report-veterinary-medicine-problem. This should be in addition to reporting the reaction to your veterinary surgeon.

2020 BRC Rule Change: From 1 January 2020, it will be strongly advised when competing at BRC events to have a flu vaccination within 6months and 21days of the competition. From 1 March 2020, this will then become mandatory.

IMPORTANT: This does not mean vaccinations need to be done every 6 months; it means that the vaccination needs to be within 6 months and 21 days of the competition. For example, if your competition was the 22 September, you would need to have a vaccination after the 1 March (1 March - 1 September = 6months + 21 days = 22 September). This rule applies to Qualifiers and Championships only. Whilst we recommend that Clubs also follow this advice for Club activities, they remain autonomous and can therefore decide what they will require for their own training and events.





NEWSLETTER - August 2019


It’s mid August.  Leaves are already falling and blackberries beginning to ripen.  Autumn hunting beckons.  Harvest is currently a little difficult - although we have not had the torrential rain other areas have had, luckily.  As I write more events are being cancelled through water-logging; others didn’t even get off the ground due to lack of entries.  A strange competitive season.


Buckingham has had a good year, though.


A non-competitive evening was had on our ride from Northbrook.  Well, one of the horses thought it might be a race, so had to get in front during the canters! We then adjourned for a relaxing supper and a glass or two of wine.  Thanks to the Tylors and Budgetts for allowing us to ride in the beautiful Kirtlington Park.


We sent just one team to the summer dressage at Princethorpe.  Lots of rosettes ensued - Jackie Whitaker won, Therese Welford was second and both Sarah Higgs and Laura Tylor were 4th and the team came third.  There is a lovely picture on FB of all the rosettes and an empty bottle of wine (which Jackie had just been given for judging).  It sums up our team spirit rather well!  Interestingly Jigsaw, Jackie’s pony, had been competing successfully a couple of days before with Ellen, Jodie Cherry’s 8 year old daughter, so a multi-talented pony. Ellen is now in demand to tune up your dressage horse!


In the horse trials we just fielded two individuals.  Laura Tylor and the versatile George won their section to qualify for the championships, while Jo Levett was sixth, so quality rather than quantity.


We then moved on to the team show jumping.  Our 80 team comprised Lorraine Wadland on her young horse; Julie Hodges, riding competitively for the first time in years; Ellie Shaw riding for the first time for Buckingham on her lovely black cob and Sarah on Lionel.  It wasn’t their day to win, but lots to like for the future.

The 90 team of Georgie Packer-Arthy, Merrilyn Berry, Hannah Harmon and Wizzy Richards carried on our recent form with a win!  Georgie and Wizzy both jumped double clears and came 1st and 3rd respectively, with Georgie providing a masterclass in how to ride a jump off.  Wizzy also rode her young horse as an individual, so will take her to the championships as Biba will be otherwise occupied on Exmoor that day.


Buckingham then moved on to the horse trials championships at Swalcliffe.  Our sole representative Laura and George has a wonderful first day with an excellent dressage and clear SJ to lie second!  On the Sunday Sarah and Jane, our SJ and dressage team managers, arrived to help super groom Judi Hemsworth, and took charge of all bucket filling, washing down, stud checking etc.  George started looking really classy, but just made a green mistake at the water complex.  It was a true championship track, with 3 elements including a skinny coming up very quickly and he didn’t quite read it. He’s a stunning prospect for the future, though.


Our next competitive outing is at Blenheim Horse Trials.  We have entered a team in the 90 arena eventing.  It is an excellent day out, with all the attractions that go with an international horse trials.  We should also have a good representation of ex-racehorses competing in the dressage (hopefully Laura - who won last year, Sarah and Jo Hales).


The next social outing is on the 16th.  We have been invited to Sam Griffiths’ yard in Dorset.  It should be a fascinating day and we are extremely fortunate to have this opportunity.


Sarah and Jane continue to run our SJ and dressage teams but Merrilyn, who has been running our horse trials teams for many years, has decided to retire from the post.  Laura has very kindly ‘volunteered’ for the post, so please contact her about all teams in the future.  Thank you both, very much.


On the subject of volunteers, both our club and area are run entirely by people giving up their valuable (and often in short supply) time.  Very occasionally mistakes are made, but we are all doing our best.  Without our team of secretaries, rally organisers, treasure, team managers, website and communications people, area reps and stewards, things quite simply wouldn’t happen.  Thank you all - it is very much appreciated.


Sue Eeley



May 2019

I make no apologies for this newsletter focussing on competitions.  Although we have a good programme of rallies and social events, this spring as been outstanding regarding our competitive results.  To put this into context - we have in the region of 50 members.  Other clubs in our area are rumoured to have nearer 300! We fielded two teams for the intermediate dressage. 

Our red team of Laura Tylor, Anne O’Brien, Sarah Higgs and Jo Hales won!  Laura and Jo won their sections, with Anne 2nd in hers.  The blue team of Sara Brown, Nikita Canot, Therese Welford and Jo again, we’re not placed but performed very well.

Jackie Whitaker riding as an individual finished 5th in her section.  It was good to see new team members in Anne and Nikita.  There were 27 teams competing and Area 5 is renowned as having very high standards.

At the show jumping qualifier our 80 team of Rachel Webber, Sarah, Laura and me performed well but didn’t make the prizegiving.  Our 90 team, though, won!  Lorraine Wadland, Theresa Harper, Merrilyn Berry and Jo Hales all jumped superbly, with Jo coming 2nd and Merrilyn 4th individually.

Action then turned to the Festival of the Horse qualifier at Swalcliffe.  This comprises a show jumping round followed immediately by cross country.  The 80 team of Laura, Sarah H, Lorraine and Elizabeth Funnell went well, with Elizabeth being placed and Laura jumping clear but clocking up a few penalties for going too fast XC! The 90 team of Merrilyn, Sara B, Hannah Harmon and Jo Levett duly won!  Merrilyn combines riding with team managing - let her know if you’d like to be involved in horse trials teams.

So on to the championships. The dressage team comprised Anne, Laura, Sarah and Jackie (substituting for Jo Hales - more later about this).  Laura and Anne were both 2nd, Sarah 11th, with Jackie and Ninja (who was doing his first elementary) well placed.  This resulted in the team coming 3rd.  This is a major achievement for such a small club.  Huge thanks go to Jane Murphy, our team manager, and Tania who trains most of us.

The SJ team had a few mistakes over the first round, but came into their own over the second, bigger, course.  Merrilyn, Theresa, Lorraine and Sara B jumped beautifully to come 7th overall. At any championships each qualified club has to provide a volunteer.  Many thanks go to Jin Langstone and Jenny Moorman for doing this. 

Sarah Higgs combined riding in the dressage with team managing (ably supported by Jane).  We couldn’t do it without you both!

At national (non RC) level our members have also had success.  Anne O’Brien, and her lovely Dave, were placed in the BD national winter championships.  Jo Hales had qualified both her homebreds for the Badminton Grassroots Championship.  Both went very well, but Bracken excelled to come 2nd in the 100 class.  Many congratulations to both of you.

We are very lucky to have Jin Langstone in our club.  Not only as one of our secretaries, she has been giving some excellent talks in conjunction with Sarah Gairdner (Danesmoor Eventing), which I can thoroughly recommend.  She also has played a large part in maintaining several of our horses and ensuring they get to their competitions in good shape.  It’s very much appreciated.

Interestingly, three out of four of our championship dressage team were ex-racehorses.  I was at Windsor recently and had the pleasure of seeing Cue Card coming 4th in his first ROR showing class (having only been with his producers for 3weeks).  The class was won by the wonderful, and extremely beautiful, Saint Are.  Having seen him in his runs in the Grand National (2nd, 3rd and 9th over 6 years), to see him looking superb and heading a large class was wonderful.  It just goes to show that there is life after racing for these lovely horses.

I look forward to seeing you at rallies, competitions or social events.  If there is anything you’d like us to put on, please contact one of us.





February 2019

Welcome to 2019.  So far we have had a relatively easy winter - just a little snow and ice at the end of January - but hopefully hay and straw supplies are holding out after the earlier scare that they may be in short supply.  Let’s hope that it continues and we don’t have the mass cancellations of last year.


The competitive season has already started, with team SJ at Moreton Morrell.  We all had fun, with team and individual placings.  Well done to all concerned.


Regarding teams - if you’d like to be considered, please make yourself known to the team managers.  We also try to ‘spot’ potential at rallies, but may have inadvertently missed you! Thanks to the fundraising event last year, team entries will be paid again (except horse trials, when we just pay the preliminary entry).


I’d like to welcome all new members.  I hope everything is clear, but it’s very easy to think something is simple when you know how it works!  If in any doubt, please get in touch with with of us.  Our contact details are on the website and newsletters.


One of the most efficient methods of communication is via Facebook.  Both the club and Area 5 have FB pages, and I can thoroughly recommend them (British Riding Clubs Area 5).  I realise some people do not wish to have a digital foot print and can sympathise with that.  All I can suggest is to do as a friend of mine, who is a vicar, does - uses a horse’s name rather than her surname - it maintains her privacy while keeping her informed.


Area 5 not only runs the qualifying competitions, but also a points based series, culminating in an award evening at the end of the year.  As a small club we are at a disadvantage from a team point of view - for example, us winning can be overtaken by another club having several teams competing, but our individual results are very good.  Congratulations to Laura Tylor (dressage) and Megan Bignell (SJ), who both came second and a particular well done to Sarah Higgs who won the 80 SJ!  In a very large and especially competitive area these results are outstanding!


If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the way the club is run, please let us know.  In the meantime, I look forward to seeing you all out and about.








November 2018


This is the last newsletter of a busy and successful year.


I say successful - this can be measured in many ways. We have certainly had competitive

success, which has been documented in previous letters and on Facebook. But we have

also had other, quieter, more private, achievements. We all have different levels of

challenges. For some, just going to a rally is a huge thing; others to jump a 70cm course or

do an intro test; many, of course, wish for more competitive success.


On a personal level I have had a dreadful riding year - two bad accidents and the loss of my

wonderful Cob. I was very seriously thinking of taking up gardening. We are so fortunate in

our club in that we have very good instructors and some extremely empathetic training.

Without the support of both these and fellow members, it can be very difficult to ride

constructively. Most people don’t have facilities, someone to ride with or to help out with a

problem at home. Our rallies, where you frequently achieve more than you’d hoped, are a

great source of confidence. While you are there, it’s well worth talking to others about

continuing the lessons in a private, but shared, arrangement. This allows continuity, is more

economical than private lessons, but also has the great advantage of mutual support

amongst each other. All this applies just as much to horses as riders, so if you have a young

horse, come along! I can thoroughly recommend.


We are coming up to the AGM on 28th November. We are a democracy and welcome

everyone’s views - this is your chance to influence what we do. The format is to have a

meeting to cover the formalities, light refreshments, then Jin Langstone will tell us about her

adventures in Tryon (North Carolina) this year at the World Equestrian Games as the

Dressage Chef d’equipe assistant. For the few who don’t know her, Jin is not only one of our

secretaries and treats many of our horses, but this year has gained her rightful recognition

and been appointed to Team Ireland Dressage and Para dressage as their therapist. It will

be a very interesting evening. I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible there.






BRC Newsletter August 2018


For once I won’t start with the weather (though it has been the driest summer in living memory, following the wettest winter!).  This is because we have far better news!

We’ve had an auction.  This was combined with our annual summer get-together to create the most fabulous evening.  On Friday Aug 10th, about 60 of us, including our friends, gathered at Stud Farm, Chesterton for an Asado (whole lamb, barbecued Argentinian style), salads, wonderful puddings, all you could drink and great company.  We’d had an auction running online, via Jumblebee, beforehand, then had both a silent and live auction on the night.  Together with a raffle, and a new and secondhand hand rug and tack sale, we have made over £3000 pounds!  This will go towards supporting our teams and subsidising rallies.  We will also be making a donation to the Air Ambulance.  They do a fantastic job and I always feel it so wrong that they rely on charitable donations to keep going.  As riders we often find ourselves in inaccessible places and I’m sure we all know someone who has relied on their services at some point.

Our thanks go to many for this.  We had a small organising team of Laura Tylor, Sian Smith, Jin Langstone, Therese Welford and Sarah Higgs.  Emma Funnell and Carol Davenport ran the tack sale.  Our auctioneer Mark Miller kept proceedings moving in his own, inimitable style.  Donated lots came in immediately we asked from both our members and the wider equestrian community.  Please look at who gave lots so generously and support them.  I hate to single out people for thanks, but both the Tylor family, who provided the fantastic venue, Jackie Whitaker and Kevin Batchelor deserve special mention.  Jackie and Kevin not only provided the lamb, but having achieved a good price for a week in their house in France, promptly donated another week to the underbidder!

Forgive me if I haven’t thanked you individually, but everyone who supported by donating, buying, attending, acquiring lots, providing delicious food etc deserves huge thanks.  It was very much a team effort!

As a result of the auction, we have two more social events coming up.  Both Sam Griffiths and Matt Heath, 4* event riders, have offered tours of their yards.  These will take place after WEG, and possibly after the end of the season as they are obviously very busy.  Further details will follow, but if you’d like to get your name down now for either, please contact me.

On the subject of teams, our show jumpers all performed well at Solihull at the summer qualifier.  The 80 team of Laura, Sarah, Rachel Webber and Theresa Harper all jumped well, but had a few faults along the way.  The 90 team of Megan Bignell, Sara Brown, Lorraine Wadland and Judith Hodges were on flying form and have qualified for the championships at Lincoln in September.  Megan and Sara both jumped double clears to go through to the jump off, with Megan winning individually.  For each team that qualifies we have to provide helpers so, if you’d like to come along, support our team and get involved, please let Sarah Higgs know.

The next event is Blenheim.  We will be jumping on Thursday 13th September (early in the morning if past form is anything to go by!).  It’s a lovely day out.

The AGM is at Cropredy on Nov 28th.  Please come along - this is your chance to have your say in how the club is run and it is usually a sociable event.  I hope to see you all there.

Sue Eeley


BRC Newsletter April 2018

I make no apology for starting again with the weather, as it has such an important effect on what we can do with our horses.  This spring (?) has been unbelievable, with unprecedented number of events cancelled.  As I’m writing this Badminton must be in doubt.  Even if it goes ahead, there will be both 4* and grassroots combinations desperately short of prep runs.

We, however, have been out competing.  As the winter competitions are all on surfaces, even snow has not stopped us!  Due to changes at Moreton Morrell, the dressage qualifiers ran over 2 days and two venues.  This meant an even longer stint for our team manager, Jane, (plus all the officials) and made team spirit a little elusive, but we are so lucky to have such excellent facilities in our area.

The first qualifier of the year was the novice dressage.  On day one, we got off to a flying start with wins in both prelim sections for Jackie Whitaker and Laura Tylor at Moreton Morrell.  The next day continued in the same vein, albeit at Solihull, with a win for Jenny Moorman and Carol Davenport coming 3rd.  One team of Jackie, Carol, Emma Funnell and Judith Hodges were 3rd, so qualified with our other team of Laura, Jenny, Sarah Higgs and Therese Welford coming 8th.  Laura and Jenny also qualified individually.  There were 45 teams competing, so these results are outstanding!

The following week found us back at Solihull for the SJ qualifiers.  Our 80 team of Jackie, Sarah, Rachel Webber and Emma won!  Sarah (our team manager) won the individual, Rachel was 6th and our sole points rider, Wizzy Richards, jumped 3 clear rounds to be 7th.  Then came the 90 class and our team of Judith, Megan Bignell, Lorraine Wadland and Bee Arthy completed a wonderful day by also winning!

We had a combined training team of Jackie, Sarah, Rachel and Judith, with Theresa competing as an individual and coming 5th in her section.

The intermediate dressage saw another outing to Moreton Morrell, with Jackie, Sophie Evans, Claire Howard, Therese and Sarah covering Prelim to Elementary tests. Sophie, on her first outing for the club, was 6th in her section.

Our Festival of the Horse teams took a bit of a knock due to the date being re-scheduled.  We had a team of 3 for the 80 – Lorraine, Theresa Harper and Laura, with Hannah Harmon and Becky Amos as individuals in the 100.  They all went well, just finishing out of the rosettes.

The Championships

The novice SJ (Jackie, Rachel, Sarah and Laura) and Dressage (Jackie, Therese, Judith and Rachel) teams, plus Laura as an individual, headed to Arena UK.  Laura finished 2nd and Rachel 7th in the dressage and our SJ team were 7th, with Rachel jumping a double clear.  The intermediate SJ team of Judith, Megan, Lorraine and Bee finished just out of the placings at the championships at Bury Farm.  These are fabulous results for a very small club – obviously quality, not quantity.  Our riders’ versatility is proven by the names who keep occurring in all the teams!  Thank you to all who took part plus, of course, our team managers Jane, Sarah and Merrilyn.

At championships we have to provide one helper for every team qualified.  Thanks to Merrilyn, Jackie and Rachel for stepping up.  Jane had kindly volunteered at the novice champs, but I took her place to enable her to manage the team!

I touched on the financial aspect of competitions in the last letter.  As a result of our success, we have additionally paid for 3 championship teams and some individuals as well.  A lovely problem to have!  To boost our finances we are going to run an auction.  This will take place at Chesterton Stud Farm, by kind permission of the Tylor family, on July 4th.  We are therefore looking for lots.  Lots of lots!

Please use your imagination on this one.  Horsey items eg clipping, tack cleaning, use of gallops, xc schooling, lessons, therapies (both equine and human) etc will be very welcome.  But would your local pub give a meal?  Do you have a holiday cottage?  Can you provide professional expertise / an experience that money can’t buy?  Cooking – a dinner party or a cake a month for a year?  A day at Silverstone for the GP?  Tickets to events?  Let your imagination run wild.  The plan is to put the auction online initially, with a finale on the 4thJuly.  (If anyone has experience of this using eg Jumblebee, or whether we simply elicit email bids, please let me know!)

If you have items of tack that you’d like to sell, but not give all the proceeds to the RC, we can have a system of a reserve price that goes to the vendor, with anything above that going to the club.


Now to the boring bit.  As no doubt you will have all heard, the new General Data Protection Regulation is coming into effect on May 25th.  We have always been careful with your details, but now have to follow some extra procedures.  We have a new Privacy Policy, which will be published on the website.  Please read, and respond to, the attached document giving us your consent to hold your information.  This will make our secretaries’ lives much easier.

On that note, your club is run by volunteers who put in a huge amount of time on your behalf.  I’d like to thank each and every one of them.  Without you all, it quite simply would not happen.



BRC Newsletter Jan 2018


As I write the rain is lashing down, the fields are sodden and generally the weather is pretty depressing.  However, the snowdrops and aconites are showing through and the days are definitely getting longer.  Spring must be just around the corner!


Our AGM was well supported. The usual business was followed by refreshments then a fascinating talk by our very own inimitable Jin Langstone accompanied by Osseo, her equine skeleton.  To discuss the workings of our horses, whilst simultaneously handling the relevant bones and being able to manipulate them, gave a whole new dimension to our knowledge.  Thank you Jin – it was very much appreciated.


Our cups were distributed to members as follows:

The Buckingham Cup went to Becky Haynes, who not only was part of the winning FOTH team at the nationals, but won individually on her lovely young horse Duffy.

The Gill Ciantar trophy went to Megan Bignell, who has put up solid performances in all our teams throughout the year.

The Tulip Trophy, for a very special horse, was shared between two wonderful Buckingham team horses who had both very sadly died during the year.  These were Jackie Whitaker’s Nathan and Merrilyn Berry’s Puzzle.  Between them they would have represented the club on many, many occasions, always putting up very strong performances.  They will be sadly missed.

The Horse Trials cup went to Jo Levett, Dressage to Jackie Whitaker and SJ to Cob (rather than his rider - me).

Very well done to all concerned.


One item that was discussed at the AGM was the funding of teams.  We, I believe, are the only club in the area which pays all entries for SJ and Dressage and the preliminary entries for horse trials and FOTH.  For those who don’t know, preliminary entries have a fee payable to HQ which helps fund the championships.  This is in addition to the normal entry fee.  We have historically funded this by running at least one event.  Since we were unable to use Milton Keynes for the FOTH qualifier, we have not run an event.  We obviously need to come up with some way to replenish the coffers.

One suggestion which we will take up this year, is for all dressage and show jump team members to pay £5 each time.  This is still very good value for an outing.  The team managers will be collecting this – they have a difficult enough job anyway, so please make it easy for them by volunteering it! 

On the subject of team managers, Jo Humphrey has done sterling work for us over the past few years organising our dressage teams.  She has often had one or two young ‘mascots’ in tow.  Given that dressage seems to take place in either freezing or excessively high temperatures, it’s been deemed rather unfair to put the little ones through this again!  Jane Murphy has very kindly stepped into the breach.  Sincere thanks to both Jo and Jane!

Another suggestion for fundraising is to have an auction.  This could start off as an online auction, hopefully with a culmination at an evening social.  Lots can include ‘promises’ eg clipping, tack cleaning, a ride followed by a meal etc.  We can also have real items, either donated or just a percentage going to the RC in the case of valuable items.  If anyone feels they have the talent and inclination to organise this, please get in touch!

This weekend the new season kicks off with Show Jumping at Moreton Morrell.  Good luck to all concerned.

I hope to see you at rallies, competitions or social events.  If you have any ideas on other things we could run, please get in touch.  It is, after all, your club.



Dec 2017

At the Area 5 presentation evening, Buckingham won the 80 SJ team, with Rachel Webber 2nd individually.  Well done to everyone who has represented us in our teams and particularly to Rachel.




November 2017 newsletter


The clocks have recently changed and the nights are definitely drawing in.  Let’s hope for an easy winter!  These days the ‘close season’ almost doesn’t happen.  In this part of the country we can keep going with arena eventing at several venues, as well as the more usual dressage and show jumping, not to mention hunting.  We could compete every week if we so desired - we are indeed lucky.

Speaking of this part of the world, riding clubs nationally are split into areas.  We are in Area 5, a large, densely populated area.  This means the standards are particularly high in our competitions – frequently clubs that don’t qualify here would have won easily in other areas.  There have been talks about the possibility of splitting our area to enable twice as many qualifiers, but no consensus has been reached to date and looks unlikely to happen any time soon.  This does make our successes even more impressive, though.

There are numerous clubs in the Area and there is a huge variation between them.  We have in the region of 60 members: others have over 300.  Some have a very high profile on social media, for example, others a strong hunting bias.  Some are mainly social.  One, South Warwickshire, has sadly recently closed down due to lack of support.   Our USPs are the quality and reasonable price (subsidised if necessary) of our instruction; that we encourage members to compete for us, without holding selection trials, and that we pay a large proportion of club entry fees.  We hope to be a friendly, welcoming club.

If you have any thoughts on how our club could be improved, the AGM is fast approaching and is the forum for discussion.  The business part will be followed by a talk on the structure of the horse, by Jin Langstone, aided and abetted by a skeleton!  There will be light refreshments as well, so we have a good evening  to look forward to.

I hope to see you all on Nov 22nd at Cropredy Village Hall at 7 for 7.30


Sue Eeley



Huge congratulations to our team of Wiz and Emma Funnell, Megan Bignell, Becky Haynes and their horses at Blenheim in the Riding Club Team Eventer Challenge, kindly sponsored by Dodson & Horrell. Having jumped (as we always do) very early, they led for most of the day just to end up being pipped at the post very late on to finish second. Thank you horses for being so patient - the winners had to be mounted for prize giving.  The horses' ages added up to 75, so lots of experience (and some very good management) involved!

August 2017


Once again I begin with the weather!  I make no apologies, as it has such a bearing on what we do with our horses.  We have gone from a very hot, dry early summer with ground akin to concrete, to a very wet August.  Although this has definite benefits for the going, it is proving a difficult harvest for farmers.  Further north several events have been cancelled due to waterlogging ­– in August!

Since our last newsletter we have had several competitions.

Firstly, and most importantly, came the Festival of the Horse final. We had two teams qualified for the Eventer Trial, plus Cob and I for the Combined Training.  We had an amazing day!  The 100 team of Hannah Harmon, Jo Levett, Jo Hales and Tam Leeming were 4th, with Tam 5th individually.  The 90 team of Megan Bignell, Lorraine Wadland, Wiz Funnell and Becky Haynes won!  Not only that, but Wiz was 5th and Becky won on a zero score.  Her new horse Duffy (Not Done) looks to be a great successor to her wonderful All Done.

Horse and Hound of June 6th not only featured our winners at FOTH, but also had good coverage of Jo Hales who won the national BD CT championship.

The horse trials areas came next.  Although we only fielded one team, in the 90, they (Judith Hodges, Megan Bignell, Jo Levett and Becky Haynes) came 4th, with Judith 8th and Megan and Becky 10th.  Hannah Harmon was 5th in the 100.  Several of our members, including Elaine Hill in the 80, came home too quickly, thus incurring time faults for being too fast!   We also fielded a good team of helpers.  Thanks go to Sally Gilbert, Jo Levett and Julian Eeley for giving up their time, while Jackie and I spent the day as assistant stewards.

Next up was the Dressage at Princethorpe.  We fielded two teams – a prelim and an open.  The prelim team of Jackie Whitaker (9th), Megan (6th), Jan Funnell and Jenny Moorman (7th) all produced very respectable tests, including a 70% plus test for Jenny, but were unplaced.  The open team of Therese Welford, Sarah Higgs, Emma Funnell and I came 3rd!  Therese and Sarah were 8th individually, while Emma and Cob were 2nd.

We then had the SJ at Solihull.  We struggled to field two teams with various accidents, illness and even work preventing attendance.  The 80 team of Elaine, Rachel Webber and I were placed even without a discard score.  Cob jumped a double clear, but chose not to jump off.   Sadly we only had two in the 90 – Wiz and Lorraine who jumped well but were unplaced.

Then, and finally, the Dressage to Music at Moreton Morrell.  This year we had two new combinations giving this a go – Emma F and Jackie.  Jackie had very little preparation, as she had been off riding until practically the day before.  Both had lovely tests with good music, but were just out of the placings.  Cob was 4th in the Novice with BD points.

Next up is the eventer trial at Blenheim Horse Trials.  This year we will be fielding a 90 team on Thursday 14th September.  Do come along and support us.

For various reasons I have had the job of being team manager a couple of times this year.  All I can say is how impressed I am with the ladies who do it on a regular basis!  Thank you Sarah, Jo,  Merrilyn and Jackie.  Whilst on this subject, I’d like to say ‘get well soon’ to Sarah, who had a horrible accident in July.  She is now back, very cautiously, on Lionel so hopefully well on the mend.

In June we had a lovely ride around Stowe, organised by Julie Bradshaw, followed by lunch at the National Trust café.  We also had a something new – an all day rally at Milton Keynes, run by Bea Arthy and taught by Jane Hussell.  We covered flatwork, sj and xc.  Everyone who attended exceeded their own expectations and went home with a huge smile.  A great day out.


To return to the weather -harvest is progressing, albeit slowly, so autumn hunting should hopefully be starting soon in September.  The AGM is on the 22nd November.  Oh dear, it seems summer may be coming to an end.


Sue Eeley

MAY 2017


A lot has happened since our last newsletter. Much of this letter is made up of team information, as that

has featured highly in the last few weeks, but this is very much a club for everyone. Our rallies and

training sessions provide both excellent tuition and a social occasion. We have evening events, fun rides

and simply meals out in convivial company, to cater for all. The enclosed sheets give information on



To the teams. We have fielded at least one team in all the winter qualifiers and put up very respectable

performances in all. As you may recall, we started the year well with our Points Novice SJ winning at

Moreton Morrell. We were worried we may have peaked too soon, but that was not the case!

At Solihull one team won the novice, with our other team putting up a good performance. Our intermediate team was narrowly beaten in the jump off to come 2nd, but this was still good enough to qualify for the championships.


Then came the Festival of the Horse qualifier where we won both the 90 and 100 classes, qualifying both teams. Next came the combined training where my Cob was the beneficiary of a generous judge and won his section to qualify. We are a very small club, and Area 5 is one of the ‘hottest’ in the country, so to produce results like these means we certainly punch above our weight.


Many thanks go to all our riders (listed below). These competitions are a fun day out, so please contact

the team managers if you would like to join us.


The novice SJ team went to Keysoe for the championships. Sadly Jackie was unable to go, so I took her

place and joined Sarah, Lorraine and Rachel. The courses were beautifully built and the venue superb.

We were all pretty consistent and finished in 8th place, with Cob jumping a double clear.

The intermediate team of Merrilyn, Jo (Levett), Carlene and Megan went to Bury Farm and again were all very consistent, just missing out on the placings. Laura Tylor was in the successful qualifying team but sadly couldn’t get to the championships, so Carlene took her place. Megan was the star, jumping three clear rounds!


Roll on Festival of the Horse! This takes place at Aston, so plenty of opportunity to come along and

support or volunteer (see below).

Qualifying for all these championships is wonderful, but does give us a (most welcome!) problem. Firstly, for every team that qualifies we have to produce a volunteer. Often it is our team manager who fills this slot. Given all the work they do for us – getting the right number of people to compete all on the same day is no mean task – this is patently unfair! Please make their life easier, both by volunteering for teams and offering to help at any event.


The other issue is money. We are one of very few clubs (the only one?) that pays entries, both for

qualifiers and championships, so obviously this year we have had quite a drain on our resources. There

are a few social events (fun rides, evening talks etc) coming up, that have the added attraction of

making some money. Please support these and if you have any other ideas, let us know!

We are going to have a ‘day camp’ at Milton Keynes on Sunday 25th June. There will be the opportunity for flatwork, polework, SJ and XC. There will also be a good picnic! Please let Bea know as soon as you feel you can commit, as she has to book instructors well in advance.


Members representing the club in teams:

Bea Arthy, Merrilyn Berry, Megan Bignall, Julie Bradshaw, Claire Chrzanowska Elizabeth, Emma and Jan Funnell, Carlene Goff, Jo Hales, Hannah Harmon, Sarah Higgs, Judith Hodges, Jo Humphrey, Jin

Langstone, Charlie Lee, Jo Levett, Jenny Moorman, Jane Murphy, Laura Tylor, Lorraine Wadland, Rachel Webber, Therese Welford, Jackie Whitaker.

I do hope I haven’t missed anyone out! A couple of these didn’t actually have horses present, but were definitely team members nevertheless!

February 2017

With snowdrops and aconites outside the window as I write, it’s easy to think spring is on its way.  The competitions are coming in with great frequency now – the first qualifiers for the winter championships almost upon us.  We made a great start at the points show jumping at Moreton Morrell, with our team of Jackie Whitaker, Becky Haynes, Rachel Webber and Megan Bignell winning, with Rachel being placed individually.  Well done all.  Hopefully this form can be continued through the season!

Whilst on the subject of competitions, please be aware of the British Riding Clubs policy on Equine Flu vaccinations – it is zero tolerance – horses must be up to date and cannot have had a jab in the preceding seven days.  Hats must also be of the correct standard and must have the current tag in before competing.  Not being aware of this can cause extreme disappointment!  Please continue to let team managers know if you would like to be considered for teams – it makes their life much easier.

Rallies and clinics continue as before, with a new venue further south being trialled in addition to our established ones.  Ian Wills will be teaching in his own inimitable style – many of you will remember him when he taught at Biddlesden. We also have another session with Russell Guire of Centaur Biomechanics about rider biomechanics.

Our unmounted activities will include continuing the evening lectures – first one in March will be from Hack Up supplements founder Alex Gingell.  Jin is organising some EquiPilates – exercise specifically directed at riders.  Hopefully it will be fun as well as good for us!

Therese Welford and Jo Humphrey have taken over some of the responsibility for our website and Facebook page.  These provide useful information and are a good means of instant communication.

I hope to see you at some, or all, of our activities.  As always, if you have any comments or suggestions don’t hesitate to get in touch, either with me, by having a word with the rally organiser or contacting any committee member.  It is your club, so your opinions matter.



AREA 5 Presentation Evening


Well done Buckingham riding club at the Area 5 presentation evening.

A special award was given to Anne Jefferis in recognition of all her hard work and commitment to the club. We all know how much Anne gives both to the club, at area level and nationally. Her endless help and support with always  an encouraging word and knowledge we value greatly.

Thank you Anne


Huge congratulations to everyone who took part in team competitions this year and the team managers, our wonderful trainers and all our supporting club members.


The order of merit


1st Novice  SJ, 

2nd Prelim Dressage

2nd Open Dressage, 



3rd Novice SJ -Rachel Webber

2nd dressage - Sue Eeley



4th overall


For a small club huge huge congratulations everyone.


Please if you would like to come to competitions as a spectator or competitors just contact the team managers. 



BRC Newsletter Nov 2016

Firstly, and most importantly, please note the change to the date of the AGM.  This is now on Wed 23rd Nov, not the 24th.  After the business side is over Bert Sheffield, a para rider who represents Canada internationally, including going to Rio this year, will be talking about her career, which should be fascinating.  Our own Carlene Goff is creating her own range of equestrian performance clothing RESPactive – it’s still in the development stage, but she will bring some samples along to demonstrate.

This year three committee members have relinquished their posts after many years of service to the club.  Merrilyn Berry will no longer be a committee member but will continue to organise the event teams with her customary enthusiasm and efficiency.  Fiona Gifkin, who has been a tremendous asset with her huge knowledge and host of competitions, rallies and camps at Milton Keynes will be very sadly missed.  MK has started up its own RC, so we wish them all the very best for the future.  Jodie Cooling, who is our social media expert, setting up and running the website and Facebook page as well as organising Sarah’s rallies, will be a very hard act to follow.  She has recently made the regional final of the Wedding Photographer of the Year, which comes as no surprise to those of us who know her – good luck in the final!  All three have been examples of how to run things efficiently, but with a light hand – quite an art.  We are very grateful to them all for the time they have put into the club, and hope they will be at the AGM where we can thank them.

The club sends very best wishes to Lynette Williams and Kate Reynolds, who have been under the weather recently and hope things are now looking up.  Congratulations to Sarah Abernethy on the birth of Thomas – I’m sure she’ll be back on her lovely horses very soon.

Earlier in the year we sent out a questionnaire.  In the main our members are very happy with what we provide – 100% thinking we are value for money and 96% would recommend to friends (the other 4% would ‘maybe’, not ‘no’).  One interesting point that came up was that things tend to happen nearer Banbury than Buckingham.  This is a result of the very high quality instruction we provide and where those instructors are based.  If anyone has a venue or instructor in mind, please let us know.  Just to make our position on rallies absolutely clear – they are open to all abilities.  Sometimes less experienced riders can combine easily with young horses, for example.  If you are at all concerned about whether you would fit in, please talk to the rally organiser.

Riding today has so many more opportunities for maximising performance than in days gone by.  We’ve had our question time, with a vet, farrier, equine dental technician and a therapist telling us what is available to help.  Our sessions at Edgecote eg on shoeing and feeding have been fascinating.  We will address the rider’s position at a session in December with Russell Guire of Centaur Biomechanics, with a follow up visit in the New Year.  There are plans afoot to do some Equipilates sessions.  This will be a weekly exercise class to improve flexibility and strength   directly relevant to riders –  very helpful in both improving performance and preventing injury.  Please let Jin know  by text (07774652866) if interested.

The club has sent out teams to all the qualifiers and several points competitions.  We had a touch of ‘seconditis’, but we did win the Intermediate SJ, with Jo Hales winning the individual.  It was decided not to go to Lincoln, as the weekend clashed with Blenheim where the same riders were representing us.  Judith Hodges, Rachel Webber and Jo Hales qualified for the nationals in the FOTH Challenge, Combined Training and Dressage to Music respectively and all finished in the rosettes.  A huge well done goes not only to them, but to all those who represented us this year.  Of course the people in charge of getting everyone to the competitions, the team managers, do a wonderful (and unenviable) job.  To them, our rally organisers, secretaries, treasurer, social event organisers, committee members, instructors and everyone else who keep the show on the road – thank you.  It quite simply would not happen without you all. 

To return to where I started.  The AGM is your opportunity to hear from us but, more importantly, to have your chance to meet us and make suggestions on how we can improve your club.  It should be a good evening with a balance of official items (brief) and entertainment.  There will also be some light refreshments - I very much look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.



MAY Newsletter 2016

As I write, in blazing sunshine, Michael Jung has just won both Badminton and the Rolex Grand Slam with breath-taking performances in all three phases. It certainly inspired me to go out and school my two, as quite apart from him being exceptionally gifted and talented, I suspect a huge amount of hard work goes into such seemingly effortless perfection.

Yes, the sun is shining! After a long and very wet spring, the ground has finally begun to dry up. Numerous events have been cancelled, giving many a difficult preparation for their competitive aims. We are extremely lucky having Aston le Walls as one of our venues – others travel hundreds of miles to use their facilities. All our instructors are very high calibre – we are indeed fortunate.

The team qualifiers are well underway. We have been putting up good performances (only very narrowly missing out on qualification for the Show Jumping) and thoroughly enjoying ourselves in the process. On the website are some very amusing accounts of our dressage team events. Written by Jodie Cherry and Jo Humphrey on their journey home, they have made the national press (well, All Horse magazine) who replicated our article in their April edition. I know this has gained us at least one new member, who was impressed with our team spirit – just a shame she’s a vicar and so may not be available on too many Sundays, as she does a mean elementary test!

We have been saying for a while that we would like to go on a trip away for a few days. Amongst options that I am familiar with are a farm in north Norfolk which is within very easy hacking distance of Holkham beach – a fabulous stretch of sand that goes for miles. Another, a little further away, is on the Gower peninsular in South Wales – again with fabulous beach riding at Rhossili (frequently listed as one of the best beaches in the world), and within walking distance of the lovely Mewslade Bay. Pub rides are also posssible! Another option is south of Bristol at a dressage yard. Instruction could be arranged and, again, a beach ride is within boxing distance. Some of us also have contacts on Exmoor – again the sea is quite close. Do you detect a theme here? Please let me, or any committee member, know if you are interested and we can arrange something.

Whilst on the subject of fun rides – in the near future Jodie is going to show us around the lovely Edgecote estate on our horses, and we will be having our annual ride and supper in Kirtlington. Both of these go ‘off piste’ ie to places inaccessible in the normal way, by kind permission of the landowners. We are very lucky!

Thanks, as always, go to those who make all this possible. Our rally organisers, team managers, the secretarial and financial team, social media and website gurus are just some of those. Please make their job easier, by volunteering for teams in plenty of time, letting rally organisers know your intentions in plenty of time etc. To all of you who keep the show on the road – you are appreciated. Thank you.

Sue Eeley 

Well done and thank you to all of our members who rode at the FOTH Qualifier Eventer Challenge at Swalcliffe yesterday (24th April).  Team Members were Tasha Flowers with 2 horses, Lorraine Wadland, Jo Eeley, Jo Levett, Carlene Goff, Judith Hodges and Merrilyn Berry.  Both teams ran in the 90cm class with one team finishing 6th.  Merrilyn finished 3rd individually.  A HUGE congratulations goes to Judith who won and has qualified for the championship at Aston Le Walls. 

Judith Hodges
Dressage Take 2...
Following our success (cough cough) of the last dressage report, yes it is going to feature in All Horse Magazine's April issue, here is Dressage Take 2.
The dense fog in the morning led us to high hopes that the judge may not be able to see the whole of the arena and test which would in turn allow their imagination to transform the hairy cob by wotsits into Grand Prix dressage horses. It didn't work! Sadly the fog had transformed into a warm misty haze, great for the day, not so good for our scores.
It has since been noted that it is worth checking for road closures before embarking on your journey down the motor way. Ooops! Fortunately the next junction was almost a better route anyway.
Baby wipes are one of th worlds best inventions. They clean faces, tack and horses and we recommend only ever in that order!
There was no Jin in the morning. Thats Jin with a J and not a G! Although Gin with a G wouldn't have gone a miss!
Who needs expensive bottles of equine shampoo when 50p Tesco's Own brand works wonders for shiny white hairy legs.
We have renamed Buckingham Blue Team as Buckinghams Four Shades of Grey.
Our Queen of Cakes did not fail to disappoint with some very yummy brownies on offer.
It always pays to check you have a girth before you leave home otherwise it may be a case of bareback dressage which is not for the feint hearted.
Therese felt the power of her medium trot even if the judge didn't think that Razzle Dazzled.
Small child's ponies make the best substitutes for lame horses.
Multitasking. Always have your eyes on the horse even when reading a test stood out side of the arena as there is still a chance it may exit the boards and plough you down.
Everybody need a husband like Paul who took his wives horse home after he had finished so Therese could stay and enjoy the rest of the day.
T's & T...always remember this golden rule!
All in all the day was a great success. We had some strong ponies, some fresh ponies, some very classy ones and some very hairy ones.
Once again we didn't manage to make to much of a mark on the leader board. Sue Eeley and her daughter Jo Hales were our most successful riders with two individual 4th places. Carlene Goff was 8th on her young horse and Therese 10th in her first Novice.
As ever the team spirit was at its best. The day was fun, the sun shone and even if the judges didn't quite like what they saw Chalrie pony managed to canter on both reins!
There is more dressage coming up in the summer. If any member fancies coming along then let Jo know. There is no election process. We do our best to make a space for everyone who wants to join in.
There will eventually be a big album of images on the website, in the mean time here are a few to be going on with.

Buckingham Riding Club February 2016

Welcome to 2016 – as I write the days are noticeably getting longer, with riding in the evenings now a possibility. The weather, however, seems to be lulling us into a false sense of security. One minute it looks as if it’s drying up well, then one day’s rain turns everything back into a quagmire. What impact this will have on the preparation for the early events remains to be seen.

Competitions have started. Buckingham was very successful at the points SJ at Moreton Morrell, coming 2nd and 3rd out of 17 teams, with Sarah Higgs and Lionel and my Sophie jumping double clears. We are looking forward to the qualifiers and hope we haven’t peaked too soon!

At the dressage winter qualifier we had a fun day out. Only one of us in the rosettes, but our team spirit was the best! Some new combinations, some who hadn’t competed for quite a while (and whose owners must have despaired of them doing so again), one lovely hunter who was probably slightly confused but still really looked the part and other team stalwarts made up our teams. We had a great time. An amusing account is on the website – a product of Jo and Jodie’s drive home, I believe.

All are welcome for our teams. Don’t wait to be asked – just let the relevant team manager know. It makes their life easier if they have volunteers!

At a national level there are some changes in the running of Riding Clubs, but I don’t think they will impact at club level. I have been attending various meetings to find out more about the running of BRC, and Jackie Whitaker and I are hopefully soon to be official stewards, so we should be well informed. One interesting outcome of this was being shown the scoring system at the team dressage. With 35 teams, plus extra individuals, the first horse was in its arena at 8.30 and the last at 7pm! The scoring not only has to get results for each arena, but a formula is applied to get overall winners across sections and yet another formula to get team results. That the scores were out so quickly was hugely impressive – thanks in the main to a very computer literate accountant. A huge amount of voluntary help goes into each competition.

Again at national level, there are some Grassroots XC Clinics being arranged. These will be going up on the BRC (British, not Buckingham!) website as they become available, so keep an eye out for them if you are interested. There is also a BRC Riding Test and Style Jumping League. For more information go to http://bhs.org.uk/enjoy-riding/british- riding-clubs/brc-assessments-and-training/brc-points-league

As I suspect you all know, hat standards have been changed for this year (Google BHS hat guidelines). You do not need to have your hat tagged, or body protector checked, for rallies but we recommend, and it is in your own interest, that you wear equipment of the up to date standard.

We have another good programme of rallies, clinics and activities. I very much look forward to seeing you at them.

Sue Eeley 

DATES FOR YOUR DIARY. (March - May 2016)


AREA 5 programme and national championship 2016 –  Any member wishing to represent the club for any of these competitions please let the team managers know, separate information sheets attached. We have fun and enjoyment as our top priorities for these competitions.


FUN RIDE – EDGECOTE - Thursday 12th May £10 per horse. Meet at 4pm for 4:30pm start- approximately 2 hour ride. Organiser Jodie Cherry  07894 305 261.


EQUINE FITNESS TRAINING – Sunday 10th April £25 per horse, theory talk and use of round gallops putting theory into practice. Organiser Jodie Cherry  07894 305 261.


RIDING AT SPEED – Sunday 1st May £25 per horse, theory talk and use of stop watch, and then use of gallops putting theory into practice with minute markers. Organiser Jodie Cherry  07894 305 261.


SUMMER CAMP – M.K.E.C. - Saturday  30th  April Monday 2nd  May 2016.  Fiona Gifkins is running a Camp during this weekend.  Full details will be found on the Camp Booking Form.  


ASTON le WALLS.   BE Horse Trials 5th amd 6th  March, 11th to 14th May.

Offers of help always appreciated – Tel. 01327 262 256.


ASTON le WALLS.   Unaffiliated Horse Trials 7th  March, 9th and 10th April and 15th May.

Offers of help always appreciated – Tel. 01327 262 256. 

Dressage Competition Report 7/2/16

Things we learnt from todays Dressage Competition...

We are the A team, regardless of scores. smile emoticon

We can now compete in true style with our very own club logo embroidered on numerous items of clothing! (More details coming soon)

It's best to leave the yard with your horses ready to roll, not having just rolled.

You don't always have to warm up for a good test result.

Voice activated horses are not recommended for use when having your test called as you canter WAY too early! (RON!)

Hunters make fantastic dressage horses.

Sue is officially our new dressage Queen.

Giggling at a fellow team mate whilst they are having break issues after a medium trot is not helpful when it sets said member off laughing too. 

Charlie pony may not be able to canter (yet) but wow he can sure strut his stuff in trot!

Whether you think it is right or not you WILL need to buy a new hat.

Jin is our new official stock putter onner and when backed into a corner and pestered to attend as a competitor she always pulls a good ride out of the bag.

You can go wrong in your test but it won't matter if you do the rest well!

Sue is also Queen of cakes. 

Many hands makes light work. The ratio of 6 members to get 1 horse ready at the end of a very long day screams commitment or stupidity. wink emoticon

All in all we learnt a lot. 

Many thanks to all of those who attended. Most importantly thank you to our forever loyal 4 legged beasties for putting up with us and not putting their plot of dressage destruction into action just yet. 

The team results will be posted as soon as we know them but there were some very reputable scores with no body achieving under 60%.





7.30pm for tea / coffee

Meeting to start at 8.00pm prompt at Village Hall, Sabin Drive, Weston under Wetherley, CV33 9BW.


The BRC are running another Road Show in our Area, this will be a question and answer session on any aspect of the British Riding Club movement. British Riding Club members may take this opportunity to ask questions of the members of the BRC Office who will be attending. This meeting is open to ALL club members and everyone is welcome. So please pass this on to all your club members.


Please consider what questions you would like to raise and add it/them below and forward them to Tony Parker tony.parker@isuzutruck.co.uk by Wednesday 3rd February

 Hopefully there will be time to answer all of them on the night and possibly others. 

How to help for Style Jumping and Tests

We now have new British Riding Club Riding Test & Style Jumping Videos live on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. NAF have been tagged into the Facebook and Twitter posts and both videos are already generating lots of views and shares, which is great news. Please share amongst your Clubs and Centres.


BRC Riding Tests - Understanding and Improving Performance 



BRC Style Jumping - Understanding and Improving Performance 



November 26th 2015 Bucking RC AGM Agenda
Agenda - A.G.M. November 2015..doc
Microsoft Word document [25.0 KB]

October 2015 Newsletter

As we come to the end of another RC year, we can look back on an enjoyable twelve months.  We have had a full programme, both with our horses and without.  Camp provides an excellent opportunity to both improve riding skills and have a good time.  Social events included gentle hacks in lovely countryside, an Equine Question Time and two evenings discussing farriery in depth (that one did include both live horses and feet and limbs of the departed).  The most recent ride was around Stowe followed by lunch at the National Trust café – thanks to Julie Bradshaw for hosting a lovely day.


Our last major competition of the year was Blenheim, where everyone jumps a meaty 100 course of both show jumps and portable cross-country fences.  Our team of Sarah Abernethy, Hannah Harmon, Becky Haynes and Katie Leetham put up an excellent performance to finish 5th of 4 faults.  Considering teams now come from all over the UK to compete, this is a very respectable result!


We pride ourselves on the quality of teaching at our rallies and clinics.  These are excellent value, but are subsidized to maintain this.  The committee has been looking at ways of improving and simplifying our booking and payment system for rallies.  Regarding booking in – this can now be done by email, phone, text if offered, or by continuing to use the slips and posting them.  Although online payment, such as PayPal, is convenient for the user, as we have a variety of rally organisers it is not easy for them or our treasurer to handle.  As they do a lot of voluntary work for us, it is essential that any improvements must take into account their wishes and we cannot increase their workload.  We have therefore decided not to go down this route, but to take cash on the day.  Please not that once you have booked in you will be liable for the cost if you subsequently cancel without giving adequate notice, as the club will still have to pay the instructor and facilities.


I am afraid subscriptions will have to go up.  They have not increased for ten years, during which time our central admin fee to headquarters has risen several times (it is now £100.50).  Subs will therefore be £40 for riding members and £15 for non-riding.


One of our venues for instruction is the lovely Edgcote Estate, where we are taught by Sarah Gairdner, wife of the farm manager.  On a very poignant weekend recently David Allen, the owner, very sadly died.  Within minutes Sarah and Hamish’s daughter made her appearance in the world.  Our congratulations go to the proud parents of Davina but our thoughts are also with Mr. Allen’s family and all those on the estate.


The AGM is at Cropredy on 26th November.  Our guest speaker will be Suzanne Rogers, an Equine Behaviorist, from Learning About Animals.  She will give a thought provoking talk about how we interact with our equine partners.  If you wish to meet any of us, talk about how the club is run or just have a convivial evening, this is the place to be.  I look forward ot seeing you there.


Sue Eeley.


August 2015 Newsletter 

As I write we have been experiencing some much needed rain.  I always seem to start with the weather – this is not solely because I am boring, or because I am English (I’m Welsh).  Ground conditions are so important to our horses’ welfare and this includes artificial surfaces.  Too deep, inconsistent or otherwise unsatisfactory surfaces can be just as detrimental as hard ground.  As with most things in life, working on a variety and avoiding extremes seems to be the best option.

Since the last newsletter we have continued with our rallies, competitions and social events.

We have been represented at the Area dressage, eventing and show jumping competitions. Putting up consistent performances we have, however, just missed out on any qualifications.  Details of teams and placings are on the website.  It has been noticeable how certain combinations have progressed from last year, or even from earlier this year. With some lovely young horses and promising partnerships in our teams, we are looking good for next year.

Talking of building for the future - there have been several babies born recently to club members!  Congratulations to Jo Humphries, Jo Gilbert, Jo Hales, Jodie Cherry and Sarah Abernethy.  Sarah Gairdner is also doing her bit, so things are looking very promising for the future!  (Is there something about the names Jo (die) and Sarah?  Anyone with babysitting skills would be welcomed with open arms!

Slightly off course to Pony Club.  Buckingham was very well represented at the recent Pony Club A Test holders’ Reunion at Addington.  The A test is still regarded as one of the highest equestrian achievements, and the gathering was a veritable Who’s Who of the equine world.  Mandy Harmon (our treasurer), Sarah Gairdner, Jo Hales (Eeley) and Julian Eeley, together with previous members and instructors, Judy Hancock (Herbert), Susan Cheyne and Jonna Willis were all there.

On the social side we had a ride and supper here at Northbrook.  Luckily the threatened rain held off, and we were able to enjoy a very civilised ride through Kirtlington Park (by kind permission of the Tylors, Nicholsons and Budgetts) without having to don waterproofs and then, on returning, 26 of us ate outside on what turned out to be a lovely evening.

Our next expedition is to the stunning setting of Stowe on the 9th September.  We will have a hack in the scenic surroundings and we can eat afterwards in the National Trust café.  This is organised by Julia Bradshaw and should be a wonderful occasion.

One of the last competitive outings of the year is to Blenheim Horse Trials, to the Riding Club Eventer Challenge on 17th September.  This is over a course comprising both cross country and show jumping fences, and is a cleverly designed track with emphasis on boldness and accuracy.  Supporters would be appreciated and, I believe, there is a code to buy discounted tickets for that day (in advance).  Contact me or Jackie to find out more.  It will be dressage day, and there are lots of trade stands and other attractions to keep you entertained.  On the Sunday of Blenheim there is a fun ride.  This goes through parts of the park that are otherwise inaccessible to the public and also takes in the two 3* water crossings.  I can recommend it.  Details are on Blenheimhorse.co.uk.

Thanks, as always, must go to those who keep the club running.  Team managers who are always cheerful and supportive, occasionally in adversity and almost always for very long stretches – we appreciate what you do – it’s almost over for the year!  Rally organisers, secretariat, treasury, website managers and everyone else  – it just wouldn’t happen without you. Thank you.

June 2015 Newsletter

We are now well into spring – in fact, as I write, we are very much in need of rain as the ground is quite hard.  Blame me if it now rains for months!

We have had a very interesting start to the year.  Rallies have continued to be very popular and well supported - we are extremely lucky in their quality.  We have had a mix of activities, I hope to appeal to all members.

The club has been represented in all the team competitions so far.  This year we haven’t had any team qualifications (yet!), but have had 2 individual wins in the winter qualifiers.  Kym Reddrop won the Novice dressage and Jo Hales the Novice SJ.  The Eventer Challenge was held at Swalcliffe, in a joint venture with Area 18.  Our 100 team was 3rd on a score of 12, yet Area 18 was won with a score of 40.  So when Merrilyn asks you to compete in West Wales next year, you’ll know why!  Our 90 team finished 2nd, so good results but not quite qualification.

Our team mangers do a wonderful job, so please make their job easier by volunteering in advance.  There is an info sheet on the website for anyone thinking of riding in teams.  They are a fun day out with support on hand.  When  recently riding a young horse in a qualifying team it was very reassuring to be told by Sarah,  the team manager, ‘there’s absolutely no pressure – we’ve got  mainly young horses here, so we’re building foundations for next year’.  A lovely attitude, I thought.

On the social side we have had two events.  Following on from the talk at our AGM we went to Chris van Reen’s yard to ‘Try Driving’.  After a comprehensive introduction and demonstration, we all had a go at driving her lovely, quality competition ponies, including through obstacles.  It was enormous fun!  There are some great pictures on our Facebook page.  Thank you to Chris and her helpers, including our own Jo, and to Jodie for organising.

Jin then came up with the idea of a Question Time evening.  The panel of experts were Jin – an animal therapist; Charlie Boardman – club member and vet; Harry Spinks – farrier and Stephen Welsh – equine dentist.  It was a very informative and interesting evening.  All the speakers were superb on their subject, but the interaction between them and acknowledgment of each others’ role to play in the welfare of our horses was of particular value, I thought.  The evening finished with refreshments kindly organised by Jan, so a very enjoyable time was had by all.

The next social event will be our ride and supper at Northbrook.  Riding is not compulsory, so just come along for the latter part if that suits better.

Full details of our activities and results are on the website and our Facebook page.  From a position of extreme reluctance, even I have now embraced (tentatively) the latter.  It is a great source of information (and occasionally mis-information, but not on our page!).

Thanks must go to all who put so much work into our club.  It is very much appreciated!





Eventer Challenge Report - April

It was a good day for Buckingham Riding Club at the Eventer Challenge held at Swalcliffe park.  The 100cm team finished in 3rd place in a very hot section, with a socre of 12.  (Area 18 was won over the same course on a score of 40!!!)  The team was Hannah Harmon, Carlene Goff, Katherine Langley and Merrilyn Berry who also finished 4th Inidividually.


The 90 team finished in 2nd place - Sarah Abernethy, Steve Gifkins, Tasha Flowers and Sue Braun who also finished 6th individually. 


Merrilyn as our team manager would like to say a special thank you to Katie Leetahm for judging and Jade and Jackie Whittaker for doing a 10 stretch in the collection ring. 


Well done team Bucks!!!

SJ Qualifiers - Team Report

The Novice and Intermediate Show Jumping at Solihull was an interesting day, of very mixed fortunes.  The courses were very technical and up to height.  In my opinion, the first round was a lot more difficult than in previous years, which was reflected in the scores.

Jo Hales with Bracken and my Cob both jumped double clears, with Jo going on to win overall.  Sadly there were a few unscheduled dismounts which spoilt our team chances.

The intermediate team fared better, with Merrilyn and Puzzle the best on 4 faults.

From a personal point of view, although my young horse was willing, and jumped round, I feel she will benefit from a very easy run next time.  Confidence, both for horses and riders, is so essential.  We are so lucky in having our rallies which are excellent in building this.  We do have Sarah Gairdner on Tuesday evenings, so those who work conventional hours can hopefully get there.  I hope all team members and horses are okay and unscathed by the day.

I should hope we had all our bad luck for the year on Sunday.  Roll on the next qualifiers!

March 2015 Newsletter

Welcome to 2015 and the first Riding Club chairman’s letter I have written for about 35 years. (Julian, my husband was chairman then, but didn’t write his own letters!)   Good news is that the days ate noticeably getting longer and spring is undoubtedly on its way.  I won’t tempt fate by referring to the fairly easy winter we have had so far.


Firstly I must thank David Steans  for his years of chairmanship.  He ran the club with a light hand on the rein, always best I think, and has handed it over in great heart.  His work was much appreciated.


Last year we were very successful in competitions.  The Festival of the Horse, combined training and horse trials teams all qualified for the nationals.  Sadly the former two were cancelled, but our club was 6th in the horse trials 100 section.  A huge ‘well done’ to Merrilyn Berry, Hannah Harmon, Sarah Ingrey and Jo Brown.   We were second overall for all competitions in the area, which is very impressive for such a relatively small club.  This success is due in no small part to our team managers, which leads us on to the current situation.  Merrilyn and Sarah Higgs are happy to continue in their roles, bur our dressage manager, Sally Gilbert, has handed over the reins to Jo Humphries. Sally has been the perfect leader and left on a high, with our teams being 2nd overall in dressage in the area last year.  Thank you Sally!


Please support them, especially Jo being new, as it is a fairly onerous task, made much easier by potential team members volunteering, being eligible, having all documentation in place and wearing the correct kit etc.  British Riding Clubs are very particular about rules, so I will try and produce a quick crib sheet to put on the website.  I don’t guarantee to cover every eventuality, but it should help avoid the most common transgressions.  You can always access the rulebook online if you have any queries.  Please note hat standards will change for 2016, so check the latest info before buying a new one.


Competitions have already started.  We went to a points SJ at Moreton Morrell on 25 Jan.  Everyone jumped well, but a few poles fell to ensure we didn’t trouble the major placings.  The winter dressage qualifier, aptly named as it was bitterly cold, also at Moreton Morrell saw 2 teams compete.  Most of us produced respectable tests of early 60s, but Jo Hales was 9th in one novice and our star member, Kym Reddrop, won her section with a spectacular 73%.  Their team was 7th out of 33 and, such was our consistency, they could have been supported by any of the rest of us to gain that placing!


We are not solely a competitive club.  Our main activity is training and our rallies are, in my opinion, second to none in their quality. We are very lucky to have instructors of exceptionally high calibre at a subsidised rate.  Please support any fund raising activities of the club, as this is how we manage to keep the costs of rallies so reasonable.  Please be very aware that these rallies take place on someone’s land.  We have had an incident where a landowner was spoken to in such a way that he banned us from coming again.  We must all be exceptionally careful that this does not happen again.


We also have some social activities.  Those of you who came to the AGM will have heard Chris van Reen, a carriage driver, give a talk.  I found it riveting and we are very lucky to be able to visit her yard and see the real thing – and possibly even have a go!  Places are filling up fast for this.


All news and reports are on our website and our Facebook page, which Jodie kindly keeps up to date.


Our contact details are attached and are on the website.  If you have any comments on what we do or suggestions for additional activities, then please contact any of us.  We’d be delighted to hear from you.


Wishing you all, and your horses, a very happy and successful 2015.

Sue Eeley



Dressage Report from our Chairlady...

Hope you and your horses all survived yesterday!

Thank you all for coming, especially Sally for organising so well (and bringing cake!), Jo who is our new team manager and Anne who came to support.  Sally, despite being the perfect team manager for the past few years, was almost unable to contain her glee at the official handover of documents to Jo!

Our results were pretty consistent, with 2 exceptions.  Star of the day was Kym Reddrop, who won the Novice 24 with a score of 73%!  Jo Hales (eeley) was 9th in the other 24 with 66%.  The rest of hovered around the 61/63 mark.  The team with Kym and Jo in was 7th, which out of 33 is pretty good.

It was very encouraging to see horses that had progressed a lot since last year.  With that level of improvement, we should be a force to be reckoned with by the summer.

I will put the score sheets in the post for those who didn't collect them yesterday.

Again, thank you all for competing.  I hope you all enjoyed it, despite the freezing temperatures!



Team points Awards 2014 - as presented in December. 


Riders Test: 1st Stoneleigh 2nd Atherstone:   

Prelim Dressage: 1st Cherwell Valley 2nd Stoneleigh  

Open Dressage 1st Atherstone: 2nd Buckingham   

Pairs Dressage 1st Rugby 2nd Atherstone

Festival of the Horse: 1st National forest =2nd Cherwell Valley & Buckingham

Style Jumping 1st Rugby 2nd Atherstone.  

Novice SJ 1st Stoneleigh 2nd Ettington & Kineton

Intermediate SJ 1st Stoneleigh =2nd Onley & Atherstone

Open SJ Stoneleigh.

H Trials 80cm 1st Ettington & Kineton 2nd Stoneleigh

HT 90cm 1st Stoneleigh 2nd Solihull

HT 100cm 1st S.Warwicks 2nd= Buckingham & Stoneleigh


Senior Overall team 1st Stoneleigh 176: 2nd Buckingham 81: 3rd Cherwell Valley 80:  4th Atherstone 74; 5th National Forest 72:  6th Solihull 68.  


Junior Overall Team 1st Solihull: 2nd Atherstone:  3rd Forest of Arden: 4th Cherwell Valley: 5th Misterton: 6th National Forest


Kahn Trophy shared by Jasmin Roach CVRC (100cm) and Sophie Rushton Solihull (90cm)               


Junior individuals: 1st Adrian Billing CVRC:  2nd Beatle Payne Atherstone: 3rd Ellie Bagshaw SWRC; 

                                 4th Chelsea Round Solihull:  5th Lauren Marshall Atherstone; =6th Rosie Nichols CVRC:

                                 Abbie Robotham Atherstone: Chloe Allen FOARG. 


Senior Individual results

        Riders Test:  1st Jill Frisby Atherstone: = 2nd Tracey Malka Stoneleigh: Cathy Hadley Solihull: Heather Wyles Atherstone: Tracey Mills Rugby.


        Prelim Dressage 1st Michelle Parish CVRC: 2nd = Emilie Flemming CVRC: Lindsay Chalmers E. Shrops:

        4th Heather Wyles Atherstone: 5th = Hannah Bell Ettington &Kineton; Michele Carmen Rugby


      Open Dressage 1st Jess Beards Stoneleigh: 2nd Sue Bullock Zeneca Stoneleigh:  3rd= Sharon Boyd   Misterton; Janet Kitto Atherstone: =5th Gemma Carmen Rugby & Sue Bullock Lynwood Crofter Stoneleigh


      Style Jumping - incorporated into Novice SJ   


      Novice SJ 1st Margaret Hughes E&K: 2nd Ali Byerley Rugby; =3rd Emma Beeston & Katie Frost N Forest; Beth Kerslake Misterton and Emma Funnell Bucks


     Inter SJ    1st = Tracey Lavelle CVRC: Freddie Herbert Moreton Morrell & Chloe Fearn Onley


    Open SJ   1st Stephanie Fairchild Atherstone:  2nd Karen Bennett (Tuesday) Stoneleigh: 3rd = Emilie   Hoare Solihull & Jess Beards Stoneleigh.


   Festival Challenge: 1st Katie Frost N Forest: 2nd = Helen Jackson Rugby: Emma Funnell & Jackie Whittaker Bucks & Gemma Carmen Rugby.


Horse Trials 80cm   1st Margaret Hughes E & K: 2nd Katie Frost N Forest: 3rd = Beth Dee Rugby: Samantha Barrett & Alex Houldcroft Solihull.


Horse Trials 90cm 1st = Di George & Jo Hayward Stoneleigh: 3rd Jenny Stringer Stoneleigh: 4th= Bud Jackson St & Louise Smith Misterton: 6th Abigail Castle Solihull



Horse Trials 100 1st Philippa Gibbs Stoneleigh: 2nd Donna West Stoneleigh: 3rd Karen Bennett Stoneleigh 


 Horse Trials 100+ Jamie Randal Owston


Overall individual 1st = Margaret Hughes E&K and Gemma Carmen Rugby; 3rd Beth Dee Rugby: 4th Jo Hayward Stoneleigh; 5th = Bud Jackson, Jess Beards & Karen Bennett.



<< New text box >>


ANY MEMBER COMPETING IN OUR TEAMS WINTER CHAMIPONSHIP QUALIFIERS please ensure your membership is renewed PROMPTLY as names need to be at Stoneleigh 3 weeks prior to the competition.  Please note, Senior Novice Winter Dressage 1st February, Senior Show Jumping 22nd February.

Microsoft Word document [30.5 KB]

Good evening everyone! 




     It has got to the end of the day, and I have waited to write this Newsletter until failing light has stopped me doing any more outside.  2014 has flown by, and I cannot believe that our A.G.M. is just around the corner on 20th November.  I am really looking forward to listening to Chris Van Reen's talk on Driving, and we are so lucky that she is prepared to follow up with a Demo in January.  I hear that members may even be given the chance to “take up the reins”.  Look at our Rallies & Fixtures List for full details of the day.


     I am planning to stand down as your Chairman at the A.G.M., and I am hoping that Sue Eeley will agree to take over from me.  Sally Gilbert, who has organised our dressage Teams, is also standing down.  Therefore, we will need at least 2 members to join the Committee.  If you are prepared to do so – there are only 4 meetings a year – please get in touch with Jin Langstone (01869 331 264) or Anne Jefferis (01327 260 621).  They will be delighted to hear from you.


     We sent two teams to Moreton Morrell this month – a 90cm team to the Horse Trials on 2nd October, and an Intermediate S.J. team on 18th October.  Our 90cm team finished 2nd with some good individual placings.  Rachel Webber finished 6th, Steve Gifkins 7th, and Natasha Flowers 9th.  Alison Parker, competing in her first Horse Trials team was only just outside the placings.   The great thing is that she really enjoyed her day, and is keen to ride in more teams next year.  Hannah Harmon rode as an individual in the 100cm section and finished 6th.  Our Intermediate S.J. team of three members ( Sarah Higgs had to work ) competed on Saturday, 18th October.  They finished 2nd with Merrilyn Berry 3rd individually, and Rachel Webber 4th.  Hannah Harmon made up the team.


     As many of you know there is no more Eventing at M.K.E.C.  Fiona & Steve are planning to take life a little more easily and have time to enjoy their own horses.  They plan to concentrate on running Camps & Training.  It was therefore decided at our recent Committee Meeting that Buckingham would not offer to run any Area 5 qualifying or points competitions in 2015.    Mandy Harmon, our Treasurer, agreed that our finances were in good order and we could manage without making money in 2015, but that we would have to get our act together and run something in 2016.


     I am sure that you will all be delighted to hear that Jo Hales now has a baby daughter – Georgina,  and Hollie Wilson a little boy – Harry.  Congratulations to both of them.


     I hope to see lots of you at our A.G.M., and I hope that the intrepid hunters among you enjoy a good season.





Hello everyone,


     July has passed me by, and I now realise that we are into August and my Newsletter must be done!  The upside is that I am going to ask our secretaries to find out how our 100cm team has got on in the Horse Trials Championship.  I know that they are planning to get our new programme out next week by which time there will be news from Swalcliffe.  Merrilyn Berry, Jo Brown, Hannah Harmon & Sarah Ingrey are riding for us.  Sarah takes the place of Natasha Flowers who was 6th in the Qualifier at Solihull where Merrilyn was 8th and Hannah 10th.  I am just hoping that the ground will not have been too hard for them as we seem to have missed most of the rain which has circled our area.


     It was sad that rain resulted in the Festival of the Horse being washed out.  Our 100cm team had qualified at our Eventer Trial, and would have been joined by our Combined Training Team who won at the Atherstone qualifier.  Charlie Franklin, Sarah Higgs, Jane Murphy & Jackie Whitaker rode in this team.


     Our Dressage teams returned with masses of rosettes from the Points Competition at Greens Norton.  Our Prelim. team finished 2nd with Sarah Ingrey 6th individually.  Steve Gifkins, Jane Murphy & Jackie Whitaker rode in this team.  Our Open team won.  Sue Eeley & Sarah Higgs rode Novice 30 with Sue winning her section, and Sarah finishing 4th.  Mandy Harmon rode Novice 24, and Sarah Ingrey finished 5th in the Elementary.  The Qualifier at Princethorpe College did not go quite so well, and both our teams were unplaced.  Sarah Ingrey, who finished 6th in her section, June Thompson, Therese Welford & Jackie Whitaker rode in our Prelim. Team.  Sue Eeley, Mandy Harmon, Sarah Higgs & Sarah Ingrey rode in our Open Team


     Our Horse Trials 90cm & 80cm did not manage to qualify for the Championships, but we had some good results at Solihull.  We only had 3 members in our 90cm team, but Natasha Flowers finished 3rd & Rachel Webber 5th.  Hannah Harmon was the other member of this team.  Our 80cm team finished 6th with again individual placings for Alice Brown 6th, Jackie Whitaker 7th & Julian Eeley 10th.  Sarah Higgs also rode in this team.


     The Show Jumping Qualifier was also at Solihull, and we sent 3 teams.  Our Style team did really well to finish 3rd.  Sarah Higgs was 3rd in the 85cm section, and Alice Brown 2nd in the 75cm section.  Charlotte Bonfield & Rachel Webber made up this team.  Two teams competed in the Novice qualifier, and at the end of 2 rounds our red team of Alice Brown, Sarah Higgs, Rachel Webber & Jackie Whitaker were on zero faults, and had to jump off against 4 other teams.  They gave it a real “crack” with Jackie going clear again, but finished up 4th.  Our Blue team of Charlotte Bonfield, Lucy Clements, with Julian & Sue Eeley sent a few too many poles spinning and were unplaced.




     After all this team news I would like to say “well done” to all of you who has ridden for Buckingham, and a big “thank you” to our Team Managers for organising everyone – not an easy job and one which I am sure requires a lot of patience and good humour! 


     In May Fiona Gifkins ran a very successful camp for us at M.K.E.C.  Members from Area 5 join us, and the area contributes £150 towards the instructors fees which helps to make this a profitable venture, and we made £197.  Thank you so much Fiona.


     The Eeley family organised a very successful Fun Ride followed by a delicious supper which I was very sorry to miss.  This very happy evening made £115, and many thanks to Julian & Sue.


     As I drive around I note that the harvest is well under way, and no doubt anyone who goes hunting is beginning to get excited.


     I hate to think of November and short dark days, but we have booked the Sports Hall in Cropredy for our A.G.M. on Thursday, 20th November so please make a note of this date in your diary.  We plan to have a Speaker, and there will be more details in our October newsletter.


      In the meantime make the most of the rest of the summer,  





P.S. - Great news from Swalcliffe.  Our team finished 6th with Jo 4th and Merrilyn 9th.  Hannah had a couple of show jumps down, but did a brilliant X.C., and Sarah did not S.J. as her mare trod on a stone in the warm up and felt slightly unlevel.  As this would have made no difference to the result there was no point in taking any risks.  This is a brilliant result especially as conditions were far from ideal – it was rock hard for the dressage on Friday, on Saturday there were terrific storms, and Hannah & Sarah got absolutely soaked.  On Sunday I imagine that the ground could have been quite slippery.  Look on our website, and I think there will be a picture of everyone with their rosettes.


HUGE HUGE HUGE and a MASSIVE Well done to our 100cm Eventing Team who took part in the National Riding Club Championships at Swalcliffe Park last weekend.  Overall the team finished in a very successful 6th position.  In Merrilyn's words...'ShowJumping on the 3rd Day is very stressful!   The team consisted of Jo Brown who was placed 4th Individually, Merrilyn Berry who was 9th Individually, Hannah Harmon and Sarah Ingrey.

You can see them celebrating below!  Well Done ladies. :-) 


After a VERY long day at Solihull all of the results for Buckingham are now in.  Just to show you all how long it was the 80cm team started dressage at 8am and the 100cm prize giving was at 8.30pm!!!  

The 80cm team of Jackie, Julian, Sarah H and Alice came 6th place.  Jackie Whitaker 7th Individually and Julian Eeley 10th Individually.

Competing in the 90cm as individuals were Natasha Flowers who came 3rd and Rachel Webber who was placed 5th.

A HUGE well done to the 100cm team of Natasha, Merrilyn, Hannah and Jo Brown came in 1st place qualifying for the championship at Swalcliffe!  Natasha came 6th Individually, Merrilyn 8th and Hannah Harmon 10th.




Hello Everyone,


     I hope that you are all feeling full of energy in expectation of a good time with your horses now that we are into summertime – such a relief after a seemingly endless wet and grey winter.


     Riding Club Activities seem to be in full swing – I can hardly keep up with the pace, but I do know that we had a great day at M.K.E.C. when we ran the Area 5 Eventer Trial Qualifier. We made a profit of £2,264 – 87p. which must be a record. Very many thanks to all the members who turned out to help and made this day such a success. Especial thanks are due to Fiona & Steve Gifkins who, as always, put a lot of work into producing a really good course, Sarah Higgs & Bea Arthy who organised the competition and worked with Area 5, Merrilyn Berry who sorted out the entries and the S.J. and Mandy Harmon who looked after the fence judges as well as taking on a lot more work.


     Our Teams have been out competing since February with some notable results. Our 100cm Team have qualified for the Championships at Aston le Walls having won at M.K.E.C. Emma Funnell (1st and “Best Buckingham” ) Becky Haynes (2nd), Merrilyn Berry (5th), and Hannah Harmon rode in this team. Again at M.K.E.C. Charlie Boardman, Rachel Webber & Shirley Wright rode in our 90cm team. They were unplaced, but Charlie Boardman won the “Best Buckingham” trophy, and in the 80cm competition Sarah Waldman finished 2nd overall and won the “Best Buckingham” trophy. Jane Murphy and Lucy Clements (a new member) made up this team.


     We sent two Teams to the Winter dressage Qualifier at Moreton Morrell where Shirley Wright was our star performer winning her Novice 30 section. Sadly individuals do not qualify for the Championships at Hartpury and her team was unplaced, but Kate Reynolds just missed a rosette finishing 7th in her section. Jan Funnell & Charlie Franklin also rode in this team. Sarah Waldman, Jackie Whitaker, Sue Eeley & Sarah Higgs rode in our other team.


Anyone interested in Dressage to Music can find out more about the competition at Moreton Morrell on 22nd May. Sally Gilbert will be able to give you more details so do try to get there if you think that you could be interested.


Sally is planning to send teams to a Points Competition organised by Cherwell Valley on 4th May at Bridge Farm Greens Norton.


     Many of you have been out flying the flag for us in the Area 5 S.J. competitions. Our first outing was to the rescheduled points competition at Moreton Morrell where we sent two teams. Sadly the poles seemed to fall rather too easily, and both our teams missed out on rosettes, but Emma Funnell & Rachel Webber both jumped three clear rounds and finished 1st and 3rd respectively – well done. Unfortunately Jane Murphy could not compete after a fall, and Sue Eeley had to withdraw Cob who was unwell. Jackie Whitaker, Becky Howes & Sarah Higgs also rode in these teams.


The winter Qualifier turned into a bit of a nightmare. Sarah Higgs had to make many changes to the teams, and then her lorry broke down on the motorway (not a nice experience) so she never got to Solihull. The upshot of all this was that we only had 3 members in each team. Sarah Waldman had the best day jumping a double clear to finish 6th individually. Rachel Webber, Alice Brown, Sue Eeley, Emma Funnell & Becky Howes also rode for us.


I was really pleased to hear from Sarah Higgs that she and Jackie Whitaker decided to put in a last minute entry for the Topscore Competition at Solihull which she won, and Jackie finished 5th. Sarah certainly deserved a change of luck having put so much work into organising our S.J. teams; not to mention our Eventer Trial.


     You will see that we have a new venue for David Trott's dressage Clinics. He has kindly said that we can come to his base in Mixbury as Lynette and her husband, Michael, are moving later in the year. We are so grateful to them both for allowing us to use their facilities at Chetwode and I know that you will join me in wishing them every happiness in their new home.


While on the subject of rallies I would ask you please, whenever possible, to get your booking slips and cheques to the organisers in good time. It will help them so much.


     Sue Eeley has once again agreed to organise a Fun Ride & BBQ at Northbrook on Wednesday, 11th June. This evening was such a great success last year that I am sure it will be well supported again.


     By the time that you read this our Camp will be upon us. I hear from Fiona Gifkins that numbers are good, and I know she will make it a fun weekend.


     On this note, enjoy the summer and hopefully I will catch up with some of you along the way,  


P.S. - You will notice that we are not running any weekend rallies during this Quarter. There are just so many competitions at weekends. However, if you would like a lesson with George Martin he will be pleased to arrange one for you if you give him a ring – 07990 690 505.

Camp Review - by Fiona Gifkins

Camp 3-4 May 2014

The weekend started with Pimm’s by the pool or in our case ‘The Water Jump’ which got everyone off to a flying start. In Carolines case that was very true as her pony bored with standing around while mum sipped Pimm’s took things into his own hooves and did a spectacular bucking display, testing mums air jacket – which actually failed but that is another story.

A frosty night on Friday turned into a glorious sunny Saturday. Some riders had indoor flat sessions with Jane Hussell and Kelly Turner, whilst other ran through their tests with Claire Holt on the grass arena. In the afternoon we got some air under our bellies with grid work with Kelly and show-jump course practice with Doug Jones.

Four great instructors got the most out of all our horses. Exhausted us in the process. The sun shone throughout. Those that stayed over on Sunday night splashed out on a Sunday night special at our favourite curry house before retiring to bed dreaming of early morning plaiting for the ODE on Monday. All the training paid off with rosettes everywhere for our happy campers. Of notes was Michelle Carmen returning to competing after too many leg ops to mention. Her daughter Gemma stole her horse to win the open class. Mad Monique from London and her diminutive mare Laika came a glorious 6th tackling a course that would have put the fear of god into her before the weekend of camp. A delighted Hilary of Buckingham riding club WON her class with the lovely Toya Star Blazer. Thank goodness we got that loose shoe sorted over the weekend.

Well done to all, thank you to our instructors for showing us all we really could do it and that a small tweak here and another there and like magic it all goes so much better.

Next year we will have a camp hut with wood burner for chilly nights and a verandah for sunny days. If you missed it this year then put it in your diary now. May Day Bank Holiday weekend. Best weekend you will have with your equine pal not to mention the new human friends you will make.


It was a mixed day for the SJ teams at Solihull this year.


After broken down lorries on the M40, lame ponies and jockeys there was copius amounts of swapping required.  Here is the report from Sue Eeley who was there for the day.


With only 6 members actually getting to the event (poor Sarah was stranded on the M40 with 2 horses), we had 2 teams of 3 which allowed no margin for error. 


In the first team to jump -
Rachel jumped beautifully - clear first and just touched one in the second
Alice who was riding Jane's horse Athea had one ref in the first round. In the second she nearly got jumped off and (in Jane's words) 'head butted Athy' - an owner's point of view if ever I heard one!  She then somehow had a bit of a steering problem, so was unfortunately eliminated.
In the first round Skye jumped well, but turned too quickly into the last (it was a tightish turn, but towards the collecting ring she made it too easily!) and had it down.  In the second she also had the last down.  Jackie always says first or last fences down are rider error!

So sadly the team was eliminated.

Second team -
Emma jumped beautifully both rounds - unlucky to have one down in second round.
Becky jumped well - one down in first, I think, then 2 down in second.
Sarah and Josh jumped beautifully and had 2 good clears.
They finished on 16 and the team was placed 6th.

Sarah Waldman then did another lovely clear in jump off and came 3rd!

Points SJ Report

Here is the team report from Sarah Higgs...
2 Teams went to the Novice Points Comp at Moreton Morrell. A big thank you to Jackie Whitaker, Becky Howe ,Sue Eely, Jane Murphy, Rachel Webber and Emma Funnel.  The horses were very fresh so poles did fly.  Unfortunately Jane was stood on in the collecting ring so had to withdraw leaving Emma and Rachel to ride as individuals, which they did brilliantly, both jumping 3 clear rounds each!!! Rachel was 3rd on Flo and Emma WON on Pimms who was very kindly leant to her by Jan Funnell for the day.
Lets hope that we can do the same and more next week at the qualifiers.
Emma and Pimms with Rachel and Flo

Dressage Report

Well done to our members who competed in the Dressage Qualifier at Moreton Morrell on Sunday 16th February.

Firstly it is worth mentioning how very glad we all were when we woke up to see the sun was finally shining!!!

All of our riders were very consistent with their scores averaging in the 60%'s.  That was until Shirely bucked the trend and scored a fantastic 72.69% on her horse Vanilla Courage meaning that she came 1st individually in her class.  Massive WELL DONE!!! Kate Reynolds on Khara scored 67.75% and was just out of the placings at 7th

Jan Funnel on Medi Medly 61%.  Sarah Waldman on Josh 60.50%.  Charlie Franklin on Ronnie 60.76%.  Sue Eeley on Cob 60%.  Jackie Whitaker on More Primitive 62.25% and Sarah Higgs on Uncle Lionel 60.38%.



Oaktree Stables – Series of Educational Lectures, Demos and Presentations This series of evening events has been designed to give you the Horse Owner / Rider the tools and knowledge to really understand your horse and to get the best out of it in whatever discipline you choose.



17th April Anatomy and Physiology – Part One

24th April Anatomy and Physiology – Part Two

8th May Anatomy and Physiology – Part Three

15th May Conformation and Movement

22nd May Introduction to Massage and Pilates for Horse owners – Presented by Grace Fairburn (Fairburn Physiotherapists)

5th June Teeth, Mouth Conformation, Bitting and Dental Care

12th June Horse Nutrition – Presented by Visiting Nutritionist

19th June Horse Transportation

3rd July Saddle and Tack Fitting

17th July First Aid

The horses’ origins and subsequent evolution changed the prehistoric Dawn Horse (Eohippus) in many ways: the basic herbivorous lifestyle persisted throughout. Certain features play a significant part in Equus Caballus – his athleticism, fear of (assumed) predators and herd instinct are still basic and determine much of his behavior.

Man must appreciate this, it will be discussed during the programme sessions.

Co-operation with modern veterinary practice and associated complementary practice as well as farriers, dentists, saddlers and nutritionists are vital parts of management.

Factors of internal medicine - Gastric ulcers, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, obesity. All of these and more will be discussed by the speakers and YOU.

Don’t be put off by Anatomy and Physiology – think Structure and function, the skeleton and associated soft tissues is the basis of the total appearance, it resembles ones image of a horse and its ultimate conformation. The muscles and soft tissues generally often called the furnishing determine the day to day condition.

Functioning: how the whole animal is assembled for living and working, what it has to and can do.

Each Session will be hosted at Oaktree Stables (Gawcott, Buckingham) and will include demonstrations, props and time to ask relevant questions. Numbers are limited and need to be pre-booked to avoid disappointment.

Light refreshments will be provided and this will also be a good opportunity to meet and chat with other like minded horse owners. Further details and speakers can be viewed at www.oaktreestables.co.uk.

Presenters Include Stewart Hastie BVMS MRCVS, Jane Nixon MA VetMB BSc MRCVS and Grace Fairburn – Veterinary Physiotherapist.

Start Time: Doors open 7pm for 7.30pm start Cost:£15 per session (15% discount for all 10 sessions if prepaid)




It always seems that whenever we have a rally/meeting/comp there is never enough time to just sit and chat (which would appear is what we do best)....So...I thought it would be nice to have a social night with dinner. If it is a success we can do more! To keep things simple the bill will be split between everyone at the end of the evening.
The date is Wednesday 26th February at 7.30pm at The Voujon in Banbury.
If you would like to come please let me know by Friday 21st Feb so that I can book a big enough table.
All welcome so please let others know if you dont think they will see on here.

Jodie (07894 305261)

AREA 5 EVENTER TRIAL QUALIFIER – M.K.E.C. –Saturday 5thth April, 2014. Buckingham are organising this Competition and, as usual, we shall need lots of help so please keep this date free. The profits from this event enable us to subsidise our rallies, clinics and team entries.


SUMMER CAMP – M.K.E.C. – 3rd and 4thh May, 2014. Fiona Gifkins is running a Camp during this weekend. She is advertising it widely, but there will be a good discount for Buckingham Members. Stay over on Sunday night (Free of Charge) and enter the Mini ODE on Monday (entry fee to be paid).  


MILTON KEYNES EVENTING CENTRE –3 DAY EVENT (unaffiliated) 24th to 26th May.

Schedules available on www.mkec.co.uk


MILTON KEYNES EVENTING CENTRE. –BE Horse Trials – 22nd and 23rd April.

Offers of help always appreciated – Tel. 01908 511 329 or E mail admin@mkec.co.uk.


ASTON le WALLS.  BE Horse Trials 1st and 2nd March, 14th to 17th May.

Offers of help always appreciated – Tel. 01327 262 256.

January, 2014.




Hello everyone,


     Although we are well into January, I hope it is not too late to say that I hope your Christmas went well and was not ruined by power cuts and floods as was the case for so many people around the country.


     I was so sorry to miss our A.G.M. due to unforeseen circumstances, but I am told that it was a good meeting and well attended. I was very grateful to Sue Eeley for taking my place.


     Riding Club activities are gathering pace. During the next three months we will have teams out competing in all three disciplines which means a lot of work for our Team Managers. Their task is made so much easier if you fill in and return your slips to them. They are included in this mail out. Good Luck to everyone who rides for us during 2014. I hope that we will be represented at the Championships again, but the most important thing is to have FUN.


     The Area 5 Qualifier for the FOTH is again being run by Buckingham on Saturday, 5th April at M.K.E.C. Please will everyone who possibly can offer to help on this day. I hear that Anne Jefferis has already been asking members to Fence Judge. Please contact her if she has not already spoken to you. Those of you who got to the A.G.M. will know that we spent £1,416 – 00 on our team entries, and subsidised our rallies & clinics by £430 – 00 so you can see why it is so important for us to make this a successful and profitable day.


     We also have our Camp to look forward to over the first May Bank Holiday week end. It was a great success last year – I had rave reports so get booked in early to secure your place. It is so good of Fiona to organise this for us as well as all the hard work that she and Steve put in to ensure good going and a good course for our Eventer Trial.


     On this note I will finish by wishing everyone a good 2014, and fun with their horses.





P.S. I have been asked by our rally & clinic organisers to remind you whenever possible to send your cheques and booking slips to them in good time. If you subsequently have to drop out let them know as soon as possible and they will try to fill your place and carry your cheque forward. It is only after the instructor and venue have been booked (48hrs. Prior) that this may become difficult, or if you fail to show on the day. Also note 2 Sunday flat Clinics to help our working members.  

Hi All.

Happy New Year!  I hope that you are all coping in this delightfully wet weather that has somewhat ruined the dry spell we were having.


The 2014 competition calender will soon be underway.  If you would like to compete for Buckingham Teams in either SJ, Dressage or Eventing PLEASE let the team managers know.  You can find their details on the committee and contacts page.


Sarah Higgs is looking for people to do the points SJ at Moreton Morrell on Saturday 1st Feb.  Novice 2'6 2'9 and Intermediate 3'0 - 3'3 riders are needed.


Sally Gilbert will also soon be looking for Dressage riders for Sunday 16th February also at Moreton Morrell.


We then have the SJ Qualifier at Solihull on Sunday 2nd March and our Eventer Challege at MKEC on Saturday 5th April.  Even if you cant compete please put the date in the diary as it will be all hands on deck for helping.

One of our veterinary riding club members Charlie Boardman has just set up her own practice Four Shires Veterinary Practice.
She is now know as the 'mobile' vet and can treat Large and Small Animals.

If your small animals get stressed going to the vets for routine visits such as Annual Jabs, Health Checks, Teeth Cleaning let Charlie come to you and take the stress away! Our dog had his jabs done in the back garden whilst playing with his ball...we usually have to drag him into the vets where he proceeds to wet himself, everytime!!! I am sure he didnt even notice this time.

Charlie is also available for Vettings, Doping for Clipping, Equine Teeth, Lameness Work Ups, Jabs etc etc.

Her number is 08909 915454.

BRC AGM Agenda Thu 21st Nov
B R C Agenda A G M - 21st Nov 2013.doc
Microsoft Word document [27.0 KB]
Don't forget to renew your membership.
Microsoft Word document [30.0 KB]



Hello Everyone,


     The Seasons are changing – we are now well into Autumn. The clocks have gone back, and suddenly the days seem very short. However, we must count ourselves lucky in that the much forecast storm had pretty well blown itself out before getting to us.


     I think that Buckingham has had a good summer with members qualifying in all disciplines for the Championships. The Horse Trials Championships were held at Swalcliffe this year.  Merrilyn Berry, Natasha Flowers and Jo Levett rode in the Intermediate Competition and had a good day out. It was sad that Mandy Harmon’s Posy was unfit to compete having won the qualifier. Sarah Waldham, a new member this year, did really well to qualify as an individual for the 80cm competition, and I hope she enjoyed her day. Andrea Burdett was our dressage representative at Lincoln. I hear that she thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and found the long journey worthwhile finishing only just outside the rosettes. Jo Levett had also qualified, but unfortunately work commitments prevented her competing. Kelly Wright had qualified for the Style S.J. at Lincoln.


     We sent a team to Blenheim for the Riding Clubs Competition which is run as an Eventer Trial, but with the show jumps & X.C. fences in the same ring. This makes for a very twisty course and navigating it, let alone jumping it, requires a great deal of concentration! There is a bogey time which makes the competition rather a lottery, but our team all jumped really well finishing in the top half of 36 teams. Merrilyn Berry, Sue Eeley, Emma Funnell & Kelly Wright rode for us.


   Our A.G.M. will shortly be upon us. Fingers crossed that there will be no cause for postponement this year, and you will see from the enclosed Agenda that we are back at Cropredy. I am hoping for a really good turn out. I am sure that we will all have something to gain from Millie Shand who specialises in helping riders attain their goals – whatever their goals may be. As always there will be refreshments provided by the Club, and I am sure we will have an enjoyable and constructive evening.


     I am pleased to say that Mandy Harmon, our Treasure, is now well on the mend after emergency surgery. Jane Murphy is now at rallies after breaking her hand at Solihull, and I hear on the grapevine that Sarah Higgs turned up to the last S.J. rally at Aston with a broken finger.


     I am sure that a lot of you have been enjoying some Autumn Hunting, and the Warwickshire have already had their Opening Meet which will quickly be followed by the Bicester with Whaddon Chase & the Grafton.


     I look forward to seeing you on Thursday 21st November at Cropredy,




19/08/2013 BUCKS RC Member George Martin will be running Dressage Clinics @Babington Barn throughout the winter months. (Open to all)
07/2013 Dressage Clinics
BRC Member Alex Flemming is now set up on her new yard in Woodford Halse and is running dressage clinics throughout August. (Open to all) Please see attached file for more information.
dressage clinic advert.docx
Microsoft Word document [25.9 KB]




Hello Everyone,


     I do hope that you are all enjoying this hot spell as much as I am. We have waited long enough for the arrival of summer so we must make the most of it! I am lucky in that my dressage competitions are on a surface, but I expect that some of you are beginning to worry about hard ground – especially those of you who have qualified for the Horse Trials Championships at Swalcliffe starting on 2nd August.


     Before going further forward I must let you know about our members who competed at the Festival of the Hunter. Our intermediate team of Merrilyn Berry, Mandy Harmon, Sandra Hiatt & Kelly Wright were unplaced, but Merrilyn jumped a brilliant double clear to finish 3rd overall. In the Pairs Nicole Wilkes joined Emma Funnell as sadly Emma Ross’ horse had sustained a nasty injury and was unable to compete. Nicole & Emma finished 8th, and thankfully Emma Ross’ horse is back in work. We were also represented in the showing classes, and Sue Eeley’s coloured cob swept the board, and covered himself in glory and rosettes! He had hurt himself in the lorry at our Eventer Trial, but is now in great form.


     We have had teams competing in all the qualifiers, going great guns and coming home with lots of rosettes. We will be represented in all three disciplines at the Championships which is a great achievement for a comparatively small club.


     Our Intermediate Horse Trials Team qualified for Swalcliffe having won at Solihull where Mandy Harmon finished 1st, Merrilyn Berry 4th & Sandra Hiatt 7th. Sarah Gairdner ( Millard ) was held up on the X.C. for ½ hr. which was rotten luck . Sarah Waldham – a new member this year – qualified when finishing 2nd in the 80cm competition. Good Luck to you all at Swalcliffe, and whatever happens enjoy your day.

Full details from Solihull are as follows – Our 80cm Team with Sue Eeley, Jane \Murphy, Sarah Waldham & Jackie Whitaker finished 5th. Jodie Cherry & Kirsty Hawkins rode as individuals.

Andrea Burdett, Sue Eeley, Sarah Higgs & Rachel Webber represented us in the 90cm competition and finished 6th. Sue & Andrea were placed 6th & 8th individually. Well done everyone!


     We sent 1 prelim. & 1 Novice team to the Dressage Qualifier at Princethorpe. Our Novice Team finished 3rd Andrea Burdett & Jo Levett both finished 2nd in their respective arenas and have qualified for the Championships at Lincoln. Emma Bingham also rode in this team and finished 6th.

Jodie Cherry, Sarah Higgs, Jane Murphy & Jackie Whitaker rode in our Prelim Team. They finished 6th, and Jackie was 3rd individually. Congratulations!


     No less than 5 Teams went to the S.J. Qualifier at Solihull where we had slightly mixed fortunes, but I will begin with our best result. Kelly Wright finished 2nd overall in the “Style” competition and has qualified for the Championships at Lincoln. Jo Hales, Sarah Higgs & Rachel Webber, 4th individually, rode in this team. They endured a “nail biting” finish being in the lead with 301 points until the very last team jumped, and amassed 308 points leaving us in 2nd place.

     Before going into further details of the day, I must give Jane Murphy a special mention. I am told that she jumped a round in one of our novice teams with 2 broken bones in her hand which must have happened at the first fence. She did not realise that she had done anything immediately, but only as her hand became more & more painful as her round continued did she realise that there must be something wrong! Among our team members were a Dr., 2 vets & a retired radiologist so we were well equipped to deal with most eventualities. Jane drove herself home with a strapped up hand, and obeyed firm orders to go to A. & E. where she was surprised to be told of these broken bones. I think she must have a high pain threshold!

     One of our Novice Teams finished 3rd. Charlie Boardman, Jo Hales, Sarah Higgs & Rachel Webber rode in this team. Kelsey Cooling, Sue Eeley, Jane Murphy & Sarah Waldham rode in the other, and Jackie Whitaker competed as an individual.

     Our Intermediate Team of Emma Bingham, Jo Levett, Nicole Wilkes & Shirley Wright finished 4th.

Merrilyn Berry, Emma Funnell, Mandy Harmon & Kelly Wright who made up our other Intermediate Team were unplaced, but Merrilyn jumped 3 clear rounds finishing 4th individually.


     As well as congratulating everyone who has ridden for us I would like to thank our Team Managers for all their hard work. They put in a lot of time getting our teams together, and making sure that members enjoy their day.


     Having written about our successful Teams I must now turn my attention to thanking the members who have put so much effort into ensuring that our finances remain in really good order, and not forgetting Mandy Harmon who spends a lot of time sorting out all our income & expenditure - enabling us to subsidise our rallies, clinics & entry fees for qualifying competitions & championships.

     Our Eventer Trial, which had to be postponed from 1st April to 27th April due to the wet and cold spring, made £1,562 – 16p. Anne Jefferis told me that she did not think that she had done a very good job – Fence Judges were thin on the ground which meant that some people were left on their own which is not ideal. I know it is difficult when we have to change the date, but I must reiterate the importance of members making a real effort to turn out and help on these occasions.


     In spite of the dodgy weather we have been very lucky when it mattered. We had a glorious, though cold, day for our Eventer Trial and a fabulous weekend for our Camp which made £109.  


     Again luck was on our side for the Fun Ride & BBQ brilliantly organised by the Eeley family at Northbrook. Members who rode had a great time, and were joined by other members for a wonderful supper outdoors. The money raised from this very enjoyable evening was donated to the club. Very many thanks to the Eeley family.


     We have booked the Sports Hall at Cropredy for our A.G.M. on Thursday, 22nd November. Will you please put this date in your diary now. Our Speaker this year will be Millie Shand who will give us an introductory talk about the courses that she runs entitled “Believe in Yourself”. I think that we could all gain something valuable from her.  



Enjoy the rest of the summer,








So Buckingham Riding Club were out in force again with 5 teams representing the club at Solihull for the Summer SJ Qualifiers.

Kelly Wright finished 2nd overall in the Style Competition and has qualified for the Champs at Lincoln!!!

Jo Hales, Sarah Higgs and Rachel Webber who was 4th Individually also rode in this team.  They endured a nail biting finish being in the lead with 301 points until the very last team jumped, and amassed 308 points leaving us in 2nd place.

Our Novice team finished 3rd.  Charlie Boardman, Jo Hales, Sarah Higgs and Rachel Webber rode in this team.  The other team consisted of Kelsey Cooling, Sue Eeley, Jane Murphy and Sarah Waldman and Jackie Whitaker competed as an individual.

The Intermediate Team of Emma Bingham, Jo Levett, Nicole Wilkes and Shirley Wright finished 4th.  Merrilyn Berry, Emma Funnell, Mandy Harmon and Kelly Wright were unplaced but Merrilyn jumped her consistant 3 clear rounds finsihsing 4th individually.

A special mention goes out to Jane Murphy who broke her hand over the first fence in the first round but continued to ride until the end of the round without realising...that is called a HIGH PAIN THRESHOLD!!!  With a DR, 2 Vets and a radiologist in the teams she was diagnosed, bandaged up and ordered to go to A&E as soon as she got home.

Other than poor Janes broken hand Bucks RC once again had a great day out.

Well done to the 8 Bucks RC Members who braved the soaring temperatures and frighful horse flies to compete in the Area 5 Dressage Qualifier at Princethorpe College.  The Prelim team of Jane Murphy, Jodie Cherry, Sarah Higgs and Jackie Whitaker came 6th overall with Jackie gaining the 3rd place spot individually.

The Novice/Elem team of Andrea Burdett, Jo Levett and Emma Bingham came 3rd with Jo coming 2nd in her section, Andrea 2nd in her section and Emma 6th.

Massive thanks to our 8th member and Team Manager Sally Gilbert for supplying us with Tea and Cake, being there to keep us in check, organise us and generally try and hurry Stoneleigh RC to hurry up with sharing the results!!! 

A HUGE thank you to Sue & Julian Eeley for hosting a fun ride especially for Bucks RC members at Northbrook. 13 jockeys enjoyed a lovely hack around the Kirtlington countryside! 

Well done to everybody who rode for Buckingham Riding Club at Solihull ODE.  We sent 3 Qualifying Teams each for the 80/90/100 and had a few points runners too.

The 80cm Team consisiting of Jane Murphy, Sue Eeley, Jackie Whitaker and Sarah Waldman came 5th.  Jackie was placed 10th individually and Sarah also came 2nd qualifying for Swalcliffe!!!  Well Done!  Jodie Cherry and Kirsty Hawkins rode in the 80 points section but were both unfortunately eliminated on the XC.

The 90cm Team Consisted of Sue Eeley, Rachel Webber, Andrea Burdett and Sarah Higgs and came 6th.  Sue finished individually in 6th and Andrea in 8th Place.

The 100cm Team of Merrilyn Berry, Mandy Harmon, Sandra Hiatt and Sarah Millard finished in 1st place qualifying for Swalcliffe as well as Mandy by finishing 1st individually, Merrilyn 4th and Sandra 7th.

Kirsty on T and Jodie on Rex
Merrily on Puzzle and Sue on Skye
Sarah on Cute and Sandra on Woody

WOWWWEEEEE  a huge day in the ribbons for Buckingham Riding Club at Aston le Walls Festival of the Horse Riding Club Championships.

Sue Eeleys very posh Cob called 'COB' blew the rest of the chunky 4 legged beasts in the area out of the water by winning EVERYTHING he entered with Sue's daughter Jo Hales in charge.  His rosettes included a Supreme Champion and landed him with a very fetching very bright cerise pink rug...GO COB!

Merrilyn Berry was placed 3rd Individually in the 100cm Eventer Challenge and the 100cm team consisting of Merrilyn, Mandy Harmon, Sandra Hiatt and Kelly Wright finished in 10th place.

The pair of Emma Funnell on Billy Chicago and Nicole Wilkes on Sandra Hiatts horse Woodfarm Dunwoody (who stepped in last minute to replace Emma Ross, whose horse had a bad accident, and now recovering) rode a great double clear finishing in 8th place.


Sue Eeley's Sky and Super Cob ridden by Jo Hales

Everybody seemed to enjoy the Tania Rally at Babington Dressage this week.  Anne was outnumbered with members wanting to take part so please if you wish to join in send your slips to her asap to avoid dissapointment.  There is more often than not a waiting list for this rally.

It was absolutely fantastic to see Jin Langstone back out and about on MP, who through no fault of his own has had a tough few years...long may his happiness continue!!!

Jodie Cherry on Toby
Sarah Waldman
Claire Howard
Claire Howard
Jin Langston on MP
Jin Langston on MP

Donna is a new memer of Buckingham RC and she has sent us these beautiful pictures of herself and her lovely mare Dizzy.  Welcome to the Club Donna.  If anybody else has any photographs they would like to share please send them to me @ jodie.cooling@btinternet.com.

Donna & Dizzy




Hello everyone,



At the beginning of this week I thought that summer had arrived – now I am not so sure!

Anyway I know that many of you are now out and competing most weekends, and no doubt hoping that the ground does not get too hard.


We had a bitterly cold, but thankfully dry day on Saturday 27th April for our Eventer Trial. Special thanks are due to Fiona and Steve Gifkins, who only had one day to recover from their horse trials before we descended. The day went well thanks to everyone who turned out to help on the revised date. Bee Arthy and Sarah Higgs who organised this competition for the second year did a really good job and we are so grateful to them.


Merrilyn Berry our Entries Secretary, Barbara McLachlan who organised the Show Jumping and Mandy Harmon who sorted the Fence Judges and took time off work to make sure that things ran well all deserve a special mention. To date Mandy has not had all the invoices but hopefully we have made some money as this is the object of the exercise!


Believe it or not the following week end Fiona ran our camp which was also open to members of Area 5. There has been some great feedback and for once the weather was kind. This fixture is becoming more popular year on year thanks to Fiona’s brilliant organisation - where does she find her energy from?


We have had our teams out competing since February.


We kicked off with the Winter Dressage qualifier at Moreton Morrell where Emma Bingham, Jodie Cherry, Georgia Dagg, Sue Eeley, Charlie Franklin, Many Harmon, Sarah Higgs and Jackie Whitaker rode for us. Georgia Dagg being our best placed was fourth in the Novice.


This was followed by the Novice Indoor Winter Show Jumping Qualifier at Solihull where 17 members rode for us which must be nearly a record. Emma Bingham, Georgia Dagg, Charlie Boardman, Kelsey Cooling, Sue Eeley Julian Eeley, Sarah Higgs, Charlie Franklin, Mandy Harmon, Jane Murphy, Emma Funnell, Katie Kirkpatrick, Jo Levett, Rachel Webber, Kelly Wright, Shirley Wright & Jackie Whitaker all enjoyed flying the flag for Buckingham.


Our team of Charlie Franklin, Mandy Harmon, Jane Murphy and Shirley Wright won and qualified for Hartpury- Brilliant!


Jane was unable to make the championship so Sarah Higgs rode in her place and Charlie Franklin was also ruled out due to a virus at her yard and the vets putting all the horses on the yard into quarantine. Sue Eeley was able to take her place at Hartpury where they had a great day finishing third in a very tough championship competition.


On the 27th April our Intermediate Team of Merrylin Berry, Mandy Harmon , Sandra Hiatt and Kelly Wright qualified, and will represent us at the Festival of the Hunter Championships. Emma Ross and Emma Funnell will also be there having qualified in the Pairs. Lots of our members, not already mentioned, rode at this event - Emma Bingham, Kelsey Cooling, Alex Flemming, Sarah Higgs, Jane Murphy, Nicole Wilkes & Shirley Wright, and I hope that they all enjoyed themselves.


Sadly Sue Eeley’s Super cob hurt himself in the lorry and was unable to run. We hope he will not be off for too long. Good luck to all members who will be representing us in teams over the summer.


Sue Eeley has kindly offered to host a BBQ and optional Fun Ride at Northbrook on Wednesday, 19th June. I do hope lots of us will get there and make it a really good evening. Also Sue Eeley wonders if any members would be interested in Endurance or Riding Holidays If you are interested she would be delighted to hear from you. Even if we do not manage anything this year it is something to think about for 2014.


On a more mundane note Rally Organisers would much appreciate members sending in their cheques and slips prior to clinics. Also it is important for members to be ready to ride at their allotted time and to confirm that they are going to attend two days prior so that if there are members on the waiting list they can be fitted in.


On that note enjoy the summer and I hope to catch up with many of you on the 19th June






GO Sarah Higgs and Uncle Lionel who came 7th in their class at the Royal Windsor Horse Show this year...what a cracking picture!!!

From what i have been hearing the Buckingham RC camp was a huge success again this year...if anybody fancies writing a small report on all of the shennanigans and has any pictures to put on the website please let me know...JOdie

A MASSIVE thank you to all who helped make our Club event a huge success and especially to Fiona and Steve Gifkins for letting us hold the event at MKEC.  Without the help of our committee and members this event would not be able to happen...you are all very much appreciated.


A special mention also to all 15 members who competed and represented our club  today...Sandra Hiatt, Mandy Harmon, Merrilyn Berry, Kelly Wright, Emma Ross, Emma Funnell, Emma Bingham, Sarah Higgs, Nicole Wilkes, Shirley Wright, Sue Eeley, Rachel Webber, Kelsey Cooling, Alex Flemming and Jane Murphy.


Well done to our 100cm Team, Sandra, Mandy, Merrilyn and Kelly who came team 2nd and were individually placed in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th.  Well done also to our Bucks Red team Emma, Emma, Emma and Sarah who came 5th as a team with a special mention to Emma Ross who came 7th Individually and Rachel Webber who came 10th.


Huge Congratulations to Emma Ross and Emma Funnell who came in 1st place in the 90cm pairs class managing to qualify and allowing Buckingham Riding CLub to send representitives of the club to compete at The Festival of The Horse at Aston Le Walls Champs later this year.  Also to Sandra and Nicole who came in 2nd place in the pairs and in the 80cm Jane Murphy came 8th Individually and Alex Flemming came 10th.


Please send me any photos if you have any!  Jodie


HUGE Congratulations to our SJ team who came 3rd at the Hartpury Championships.  The team consisted of Mandy Harmon, Sarah Higgs, Shirley Wright and Sue Eeley.  Go team Buckingham!!! 

Great fun was had by all at the Sarah Gairdner rally last week, going by how busy it was I think it really shows how beneficial it is for the club to be able to offer members late evening and weekend rallies.   We ran 1 flat session and 3 SJ sessions all of which were at full capacity.  We would like to welcome our new members to the club and hope that they find the rallies and clinics beneficial.  Hopefully we will be seeing you all in the teams for the year as well. I only managed to get photographs of the flat session due to poor light as the evening went on. 

I hope to see you all at the next one in April.  PLease let me know asap of you wish to join in flat or SJ and the earliest time that you can start.  Jodie

Kate Reynolds enjoying her flat session on Kara.

Strangles Alert

Hi all,
We have been advised by OGRC via their Facebook site that there has been a confirmed incident of strangles at Onley Fields Farm.
Whilst we are assured that there is not a problem at OGEC some riders might be concerned a we had over 20 riders representing OGRC at our qualifier last week at Solihull. If any of your members horses have been at Onley Fields Farm over the past two weeks they may wish to be made aware or possibly have their horse checked by a vet
David Bacon (Area 5)

XC Fun at Aston Le Walls

More piccies from the first session are on the Gallery page.

Great fun at Aston XC Rally...Lorraine Wadland on Cas, Polly Jefferies on Monty and Dave Cooling on Rex
Jan Funnell on Perfect Peter Pony and Alex Flemming on her homebred.

Solihull Showjumping

(18/2/2013)  A HUGE well done to everybody that competed in the Show Jumping at Solihull on Sunday 17th Feb.  17 riders represented Buckingham Riding Club in both Qualifying and Points teams for Novice and Intermediate.

Buckingham Blue Qualifying Team which consisted of Shirely Wright on Vanilla Courage, Mandy Harmon on Posie, Charlie Franklin on Ronnie and Jane Murphy on Athea did outstandingly well and finished in 1st Place. Mandy Harmon also finsihed 2nd Individually.

Buckingham Red Qualifying Team which consisted of Georgia Dagg on Towerfield Heikki (FOR SALE) Sarah Higgs on Uncle Lional, Sue Eeley on Lucky Stripe and Julian Eeley on llan Hornpipe also did well and the team finished in 5th place.  Special mention to Jane Murphy who jumped 3 clear rounds for the team.
Buckingham Green Points team Kelsey Cooling on Rex, Charlie Boardman on Teddy, Sue Eeley on Sky and  Rachel Webber didn't quite make the rankings but had a very successful experience.  The majority of the horses in the team were babies at their first competitions or horses that had relatively new jockeys on board.  Special mention to Kelsey Cooling who at her second ever SJ comp on Rex completed 3 clear rounds for the team. 
Our Intermediate team also did outstandingly well with a 1st Place.  The team consisted of
Kelly Wright on Ghostly Pet, Emma Bingham on Gloster Glider, Katie Kirkpatrick on Duchess of Eydon and
Emma Funnell on Billy Chicargo.
 Jo Pavitt on Rosabe competed as an Intermediate Individual and in the Top Score Competition.
Every rider went well in the Intermediate Top Score Competition but we weren't quite good enough to qualify for Windosr International this time although it was a good format for everybody to do.  All of the jockeys in the points team are keen to compete in the summer qualifiers so there is plenty of spcae for more baby horses and nervous jockeys for another points team, especially as Sarah Higgs and Charlie Frankling will be stepping it up a gear and joining the Intermediate Teams.  There is also a space for an OPEN horse.  If anybody has anything that will suit this team please let Jackie Whitaker know.

Moreton Morrell Winter Dressage

Well done to the Buckingham Riding Club Dressage teams who competed at Moreton Morrell today (3/2/13).  The teams included Sue Eeley, Mandy Harmon, Georgia Dagg, Sarah Higgs, Jodie Cherry, Charlie Franklin, Emma Bingham and Jackie Whitaker. Georgia Dagg finsished 4th individually in the Novice Section, whilst other riders didn't quite make the placings but certainly had a good day out with some lovely catering and hospitality in the Eeley Lorry.  Thanks of course must go to Sally Gilbert who did a fantastic job of arranging and supporting the teams.  We all hope that our new Chairman David Steans was suitably impressed by the team spirit and of course what he saw.  In his words "Onwards and Upwards!!!"

Sue Eeley on her 'Cob'
Jodie Cherry on Toby
Georgia Dagg on Smiley II (FOR SALE)
Emma Bingham on Glider

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