Dressage Report Aston Le Walls March 2019

Intermediate Dressage at Aston
Many thanks to our riders and horses who turned out to Aston today for the Intermediate dressage qualifier. We fielded 2 teams Red- Laura Taylor, Sarah Higgs, Anne O’Briens & Jo Hales and Blue - Sara Brown, Nikita Canot, Therese Welford, & Jo Hales( doing double duties) with Therese (also doing double duties) and Jackie Whittaker as individuals. Several horses and/or riders were making their debut for Buckingham namely Nikita, Anne & Sara.
New and not so new competitors had a great day that saw Section wins for Laura & Jo, 2nd for Anne & 5th for Jackie and a rejuvenated performance from Lionel for Sarah. We ended with an overall 1st for Red team that sees them off to the Championship at the end of April which is a fantastic result, Blue team were out of the placing this time with some very creditable performances in what was a competitive qualifier of 27 teams.
My thanks to all riders and horses, and their teams who got them there and supported, for taking part and to Sue for doing writing duties as our club volunteer role on the day and for bringing cake - an essential part of any day and to Anne and Fudge for coming and supporting and to Tania for her help and support at clinics. Well done Buckingham





Dressage Report - Princethorpe, 1st July 2018

On yet another hot dry day we headed to Princethorpe for the Summer Dressage Qualifier to field 2 teams. Red team Jackie Whittaker, Laura Tylor, Carol Davenport & last minute substitute Sarah Higgs. Blue Team Jackie Whittaker (doing double duty), Jan Funnell (another late substitution) Judith Hodges and Angela Churcher (with late substituted horse)
The heat and dryness of the ground certainly made for some "interesting " riding conditions.
It was a stiff competition with 24 teams, we finished very commendably with Red team 8th and Blue team 18th with individual 4th for Laura and 6th for Jackie and Carol just out of the placings at 8th.
So thank you for turning out for the club and hope that those of you who brought your young/inexperienced horses found the outing helpful.
I think that's the last dressage competition for this year so thank you to everyone who has ridden for the club this year and we can look forward to cooler outings when we start again in the new year.



Intermediate Dressage Report  - 24th and 25th March 2018

The weekend saw another outing to Moreton Morrell for the Intermediate Dressage qualifier spread over Saturday and Sunday which resulted in a rather muted atmosphere. Riding for the club were Jackie Whittaker, Sophie Evans, Claire Howard, Therese Welford and Sarah Higgs covering Prelim, Novice and Elementary Tests, thank you to you all. Sophie on her first outing for the club came 6th in her section, well done Sophie. We didn’t manage a team placing this time but after all our recent successes in dressage and show jumping I suppose we ought to let some other clubs have their day!!

Next stop Novice Dressage Championships on April 14th……….

Novice Dressage Report 10th and 11th February 2018


Well we finally got to the Novice Area Qualifier weekend after changes to venue and further changes to run 2 sections on the previous day back at the original venue. My thanks to team members for their accommodating all the changes.

The qualifier ran with 45 teams from Area 5 with Buckingham fielding 2 teams

Buckingham Red – Laura Tyler, Jenny Moorman, Sarah Higgs & Therese Welford

Buckingham Blue – Jackie Whittaker, Carol Davenport, Judith Hodges & Emma Funnell.


Well the weekend got off to a flying start with both Laura and Jackie winning their sections on the Saturday afternoon/evening at Moreton Morrell.  It should be noted that Laura’s horse, George, was competing in his 1st ever dressage competition, whilst Jackie’s pony Jigsaw at 19 is towards the latter part of his competing career!


So no pressure then for the rest of the teams at Solihull the next day, but everyone rose to the occasion with Jenny also winning her section, Carol coming 3rd in hers and Judith riding her first competitive Novice test. With the weather being unhelpful in blowing over boards, and rattling stacked jump wings and disturbing birds around arenas as well as sleet/rain and at one point snow blowing in, it made for an interesting and cold competing day.


But everyone’s commitment paid off with Team Red finishing in a very creditable 8th overall with individual qualification to the Championships for Laura and Jenny and Team Blue coming a fantastic 3rd overall so the whole team also qualify. Big congratulations to everyone and it’s a trip to Grantham in April for the Championships.


Festival Of The Horse

26th March 2017


Winning 90 Team (Pictured)


Elizabeth Funnell (6th), Megan Bignall (5th), Judith Hodges and Merrilyn Berry


Winning 100 Team


Jo Lovett , Hannah Harmon and Carlene Goff.

Winning Novice Team at Solihull on 19th February 2017


Team Memebers (left - Right): 

Rachel Webber, Lorraine Wadland, Sarah Higgs, Jackie Whitaker


XC Rally at Aston Le Walls Feb 2013

Sarah Gairdner Rally @ Edgcote Feb 2013

Tania Cherry Clinic @ Babington Dressage Feb 2013

Moreton Morell Dressage 03/02/13

Solihull 08.2011

Team Showjumping @ Onley 07.2012




Attending riding club Rallies and Clinics guidance during Covid 19.


The committee is very glad that we are able to again offer training and thank all of you and our trainers and yards for helping us do this.


Do not attend a rally or clinic if you or anyone in your household have signs of Covid 19.


Please adhere to the biosecurity of the yard and trainer. Ensure you know these prior to attending the session.


Please maintain physical distance and minimise the number of people you interact with.


Please ensure you wash your hands or use hand sanitiser

as you enter and leave the yard.


Minimise handling any equipment.... of gates latches, door handle etc.

For anybody attending any RC event, including rallies, clinics and fun rides, approved hats (see below) are required.  If competing for the club, they need to be tagged with the current tag. If riding at championships, you should take your hat, passport and horse to the Flu Vac area before going anywhere else.  And good luck!


Please see below handy documents outlining all you need to know for competing with Buckingham Riding Club.  

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